News and Record saying ‘so long’ to Dustin Long(NASCAR writer)

Dustin Long shares thoughts below on his upcoming exit from the News and Record and other Landmark Publications….

I remember Dustin when he first came to town and became the high school sportswriter for the N&R….Had him as a regular/weekly guest on a daily radio show…He was the HS man, then Jeff Carlton, Kate Hairopoulos, Jeff Carlton again, Tom Keller and then Jason Wolf…Dustin is on his way out from the N&R, not doing a spinout, he had been and will continue to be under control, as he rolls….

The long and short of his departure from Dustin Long….

While many in NASCAR travel to Las Vegas for this week’s banquet, I’m headed on a different path.

My position as Landmark’s motorsports writer will be eliminated, and I will not be retained. Thursday is my final day. This is my final blog entry.

Thank you for everything. It’s been a heck of a ride the past 13 seasons. I hope I enlightened and entertained you with my coverage.

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Dustin Long a very bright young man and read what John Robinson and Eddie Wooten from the News and Record are saying, as they say ‘so long’ to Mr. Long, when you


  1. As we look back over the years, we still can’t say it enough, RIP Jeff Carlton….And best of luck to Dustin Long as he moves on and I remember when he first came to town he had a background to some degree in Indy racing, but not in NASCAR, but he still went on to have a solid career in the field of NASCAR writing…..Again, best of luck to Mr. Long….

  2. I just do not get the N&R. They don’t update their sports session as it is throughout the day like other papers (ie News & Observer in Raleigh and Charlotte Observer). Why are they continuing to cut niches such as NASCAR report ? This site ( gives me more daily and weekly updates on a timely basis than the N&R does in a year. Here is another stupid item that the N&R does – they will print the high school basketball scores & highlights in their print paper but it will never even show up online (not even the scores much less than stat info). If I were an adversiting company, I would just tell the N&R and to just cancel my ad and promote instead on sites like this one where the information is up to date.

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