Saturday Afternoon/Evening PAGE Pirate Post:Perfect Pirates(15-0) claim 2011 NCHSAA 4-AA Football Title

Page completed their dream season tonight with their 35-21 victory over the Garner Trojans at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem……

How about that James Summers? Most Outstanding Player in the game…..How about that Shaun Workinger?? Most Outstanding Offensive Player in the game….How about that Savon Wall??? Most Outstanding Defensive Player in the game???

More off of the Pirates ship that were getting it done today too with Lamore, Jennings, Towns, Cummings and company doing the job up front blocking for James Summers, Drew Rogers, Shaun Workinger and others coming out of the Pirates’ backfield…..Shaun Workinger and Debo Brooks were doing a lot of shifting today and that them lining up as blocking backs and then shifting to become tight ends…..Page was on the move today and they moved right into a Championship formation at the end of the game…..

Good things came in twos for Page today with James Summers having two touchdown passes, Savon Wall had two interceptions for the Pirates, Shaun Workinger ran for two TD’s……Big day all the way for the PAGE Pirates…..Backup quarterback Jordan Putnam caught two pases from starting quarterback James Summers….Also, Will Henry had an interception and James Summers picked off a pass in the Pirates nickle prevent defense…..

BIG WIN for PAGE AND THE Red Death was out in full force today…..There must have been 5-6,000 Page fans on hand at the Championship Game today and Garner brought a large Trojan fan base….Maybe all toll there were 10,000 fans at the 4-AA Title game this afternoon/this evening….

Garner 0 0 14 7 21 
Page 0 14 14 7 35

Page Touchdown Tally…..
Brian Spain 6-yard pass from James Summers….(Ryan Jackson kick)
Shaun Workinger 6-yard run….(Ryan Jackson kick)
Orlando Hatfield 13-yard pass from James Summers….(Ryan Jackson kick)
Shaun Workinger 2-yard run…(Ryan Jackson kick)
Drew Rogers 18-yard run….(Ryan Jackson kick)

Page offense with 38 rushing carries for 203 yards….Page passing was 11-16 for 131 yards….James Summers went 11-16 for 131 yards and 2 TD’s and believe his was intercepted once….Page rushing showed James Summers with 14 carries for 116 yards….Shaun Workinger carried the ball 6 times for 51 yards and 2 TD’s…Drew Rogers had 11 carries for 32 yards and one TD….Jalen Gavin ran once for 10 yards…..Page receivers were led by Orlando Hatfield with 4 receptions for 26 yards and one TD….Drew Rogers had 2 catches for 36 yards….Jordan Putnam hauled in two passes for 30 yards….Shaun Workinger had one catch for 20 yards, Tevin Morrison one grab for 13 yards and Brian Spain came up with one reception for 6 yards and it went for a big touchdown, the very first one of the game…..

Still adding to this post and more to come…..Still under construction…..
PAGE Pirate 2011 Season(15-0)….

Page 41, Davie County 7….
Page 35, Northern Guilford 14….
Page 45, High Point Central 9….
Page 35, Ragsdale 14….
Page 28, Western Guilford 0….
Page 49, Grimsley 0….
Page 42, Ben L. Smith 12…
Page 70, Southern Alamance 0….
Page 21, Dudley 0….
Page 35, Southeast Guilford 13….
Page 21, Pinecrest 0….
Page 44, Northwest Guilford 25….
Page 40, Butler 26….
Page 41, Mallard Creek 27….
Page 35, Garner 21….

WRALSportsfan link to read about the Page Pirates Perfect Season:

News and Record link on the PAGE Pirates victory over the Garner Trojans….CLICK HERE….


  1. 4AA STATE CHAMPIONS! Page’s 5th state title! Congrats to all the coaches, players, parents, alumni, students, anyone else in the Page or Greensboro community!

  2. Congratulations to each and every one of my Pirates! I watched you guys trudge off that field last year at the end of the Butler game and my heart was so heavy for you. Then, I watched each of you as you made that pact to do everything in your power to claim what was rightfully yours. I witnessed you eat, sleep, walk and talk Pirate football well before the first play of this year and……..I believed ’cause YOU believed! This season was a magical one and when many in Guilford County didn’t believe in you, enough did. Then… made believers out of tons more. Enjoy these memories guys because you deserve them!
    Underdogs truly Unite!!!

  3. So many people talked so much crap about Page all year. Week after week, when Page was putting up, 30, 40, 70(!) points in non-conference and conference play, beating Northern (yep! And Nighthawks, take my advice, be like Apollo Creed after the first Rocky fight, “Don’t want no rematch!”), Ragsdale, Davie County, et al, all you heard was “wait until the playoffs.” When Page finished undefeated, all we heard was “wait until Page has to play Butler.” After we beat Butler, all we heard was “wait until you have to play Mallard Creek.” Checked that box. Now, Page has finished a perfect 15-0 season, with the offense that you all so derided as being one-dimensional. One genius on this board wrote, “Take Summers’ legs away and you beat Page.” How’d that work out for you?

    Summers, Rodgers, Hatfield, Workinger, Spain, Brooks, that great offensive line, that unbelievable front seven on defense, Savon Wall getting hurt and coming back with a big interception and getting defensive player of the game…And today, this team played with discipline and class. We won the right way, and no one, NO ONE, NOT ONE OF YOU NAYSAYING NINNIES can ever take today away from this team.

    And to Scotty McCreery, all I can say is ‘WHO’S YOUR IDOL NOW?!!!’

    You want to see classless behavior? Look at number 30 for Garner who made the thuggish throat-slashing gesture after he scored a TD. Look at how the Garner student body kept chanting while Savon Wall was injured on the turf. Look at Your American Idol Scotty McCreery flipping the bird to the Page students at the game.

    Congratulations to Coach Kevin Gillespie, Coach Norman Weeks and their entire staff to the entire football squad, to the Page student body, the great Page Marching Band, all the hardworking folks in the Page Boosters organization, all the parents and alumni. This is your day.


  4. i am so proud of my cousins football team for winning the championship and getting that ring he always dreamed of sense freshman year , now hes a senior doing big things with his team , winning every single game , destroying every team in his path , i truely believed that PAGE deserved to win this game and all the other ones , i knew they could do it there a really strong team , now put this much hard work in school and you’ll be off to college playing football for a great school , i love you Debo , good luck with your future <333

    CONGRATS to the PAGE PIRATES !! you deserved it.

  5. Again I say WOW!!! Enjoyed quite a game with you guys today. Great game and unbelievable season! You guys made the “weak” Metro proud. It was a incredible run in the playoffs. Love how you pretty much dominated this one from start to finish. Bet coach didn’t know how to act with a couple TD lead at the half. Beat everybody you were not suppose to beat by at least a couple touchdowns. Enjoy your victory and state title.

    As John stated many even in Guilford County (Vegas and others) discounted you guys all year then joined the bandwagon for the last game. I have been pulling for you guys and attending your games throughout the playoffs. Metro Rules!!!

    Looking forward to Summers playing for my Wolfpack next year.

  6. seriously Northen vs Page rematch at A&T next week charge 20 dollars a pop i bet it would draw 10,000 people…all money goes to the jimmy v foundation. PERFECT!

  7. @ representingPagefromCT—
    Thanks, sweetheart! Debo gave you a shout out because he KNEW you were glued to the computer all the way in Connecticut. I knew you were a true fan when they won last week then immediately jumped on the highway to be a pallbearer at the funeral and you stayed up ALL night waiting for him to get there. Debo loves you and I do too for your dedication from sooo far away. See you soon!

  8. @ Underdogs Unite!!!
    tell Debo , reallly happy for him and make sure he reads that (:


  10. y happy to see Page run the table and be the only undefeated team in Guilford County. . I think the Page coaches did a great job running the table. For you who haven’t ever coached it is hard to win them all no matter how good you are.. Now lets get ready for next year and do the same thing.

  11. Congrats to Kevin Gillespie and Norman weeks. When they came to Page they were complete outsiders. Lord knows they have taken a beating on this website but they have never had a losing season at Page and now they are part of the History. Congrats to Rusty Lee for picking the right guy. Not sure what kind of food Kevins dad brought to the meetings on Sunday this year but it must’ve been good! 🙂

  12. Congrats to Page on an amazing run to the title.

    To have both the 4AA and 3AA champs from our area is something really special.
    I would love to see Page and Northern play next season. Not for Northern to get a “2nd chance” but for the excitement of having two local champs in a big early season match.

    Also, a big thanks to our local youth football programs. A bunch of the kids from Page and Northern got their love for the game and great fundamentals for our rec league coaches. My son got his from the Lewis program (Jerry Stanley, Tom Duehring and their long-time assistants — you too coach Britt!). They all share in this great success.

  13. Through all the trash-talking this season and whining about getting press, the end result speaks for itself. Greensboro has the best football team in the state, Page, and arguably, the second best team in the state, Northern (I said “arguably” so you naysayers cool your jets). Congrats to both programs – the coaches, the players and the families. It’s a long grinding season to be state champions and to win it all, you have to have the dedication, the trust, the heart, the chemistry and the drive to make it happen. I am so happy for these programs and especially for the shock wave that was sent through CLT and RDU to see GSO with the 4AA and 3AA hardware this year. While listening to the interviews – I heard many common themes for these championship teams: great preparation, the team being more important than the individuals, confidence among players and coaches and a focus on the prize. All of this started with Gillespie and Roscoe (and their coaching staffs) and their ability to create that “team” mentality on top of a solid football strategy. One note for Page – the coaching staff’s recipe for halftime adjustments was incredible this season and I just wanted to recognize that. Congrats again. Take the time to breathe it all in and ENJOY this great accomplishment! Next season will be here before you know it!

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