Recognizing the Page Pirate senior football players that finish the season (15-0) and 4-AA State Champions

These young men have finished their run and they will go out with a perfect (15-0) season in 2011 and they will carry with them an 4-AA State Football Championship….The senior Pirates will be listed below….

James Summers
Drew Rogers
Blake Hickman
Ed Britt
Jacquel Derr
Kysung Young
Brian Spain
Jarvis Small
Orlando Hatfield
Carter Greene
Thomas Little
Christian Cranford
Marcus Demery
Ryan Jackson
Will Henry
Savon Wall
Devonta Hooker
Evan Roer
Shaun Workinger
DeAnthony ‘Debo’ Brooks
Jacob Green
Jonathan Smith
Dishon Stewart
Isaiah Towns

Head Coach Kevin Gillespie

Assistant coaches:
Norman Weeks-Defensive Coordinator
Gordon Hagen
Todd Halkyer
Cody Page
Wilson Helms
Chris Ferguson
Kevin Harris
Earl Sams
Jesse Britt
Malcolm Parker
Mark Raynor
Russell Mills


  1. Made a couple of adjustments and almost all of our info coming in from available rosters….I don’t know all of the kids, but I do quite a few of them and from all the ones that I met, they are some of the best young football players/student-athletes that you will ever meet…..Great bunch of kids and true winners and the same can be said for the group of seniors out at Northern Guilford….Daniel Downing and his corp group of seniors are the kind of players you are proud to have representing you and going to war for you in the biggest of all battles and the Pirate Ship sailed right on into the Winners Circle on Saturday at BB&T Field….When Page did their warmups/exercises they formed kind of a squared circle with the captains, Summers, Rogers, Hickman and Britt in the middle……

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