ACC Football Championship Game from Saturday night in Charlotte:One fan’s/man’s plan/opinion and what do you think about the Title Game and the ACC’s Bowl Selections?

Clemson 38
Virginia Tech 10

It seems to me that the Clemson win did nothing to help the ACC….Clemson had handed VA Tech their only loss of the year earlier in the season and now they beat the Hokies again, this time they flat-out whip them again….

VA Tech with just one loss needed to wint that game to give the ACC any hope of having an high ranking team in the final BCS Poll/Standings….It would appear that Clemson is back, but that VA Tech was AWOL from Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte on Saturday night….

We needed at least one ACC team to be up there with minimal losses and VA Tech was that team and now that they have tumbled to a team that was dead coming into the game vs. Clemson at Charlotte, where does that leave the ACC???

Makes us look weak, real weak and maybe we are……..

But what about the rest of those games on Saturday?

The Oregon-UCLA game on Friday night was a joke….Oklahoma State-Oklahoma State was a blowout……LSU-Georgia was a farce…..We noted already the ACC Championship game turned out to be a disaster for the league, but kudos to the Clemson fans, I know that they are feeling good today and they deserve to, but what about the credibility of our hallowed league(The ACC)?????

The only league championship game that showed any real championship character on Saturday night, was the Big 12 Title Game with Wisconsin and Michigan State and I believe that Russell Wilson and the Badgers did the job winning 42-39 and the crazy thing was, it was on FOX TV….I know they have the BCS Championship package, but it is still strange to see a college football game on regular FOX television….That was a very good game and one of the few, that fans were able to enjoy on Championship Saturday……

Just one sports fan’s/sports man’s opinion…..

Maybe the Clemson-VA Tech game helped the league, since the ACC got teams in the Sugar Bowl and the Orange Bowl, but are those two bowl games really playing for anything these days???

What do you think? Here is the entire ACC Bowl Schedule….

ACC Bowl Games In Chronological Order

Date, Time Bowl Game Network ACC Team and Opponent
Dec. 26, 5 p.m. Advocare V100 Independence Bowl ESPN2 North Carolina (7-5) vs. Missouri (7-5)

Dec. 27, 8 p.m. Belk Bowl ESPN NC State (7-5) vs. Louisville (7-5)

Dec. 29, 5:30 p.m. Champs Sports Bowl ESPN Florida State (8-4) vs. Notre Dame (8-4)

Dec. 30, 6:40 p.m. Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl ESPN Wake Forest (6-6) vs. Mississippi St. (6-6)

Dec. 31, 2 p.m. Hyundai Sun Bowl CBS Georgia Tech (8-4) vs. Utah (7-5)

Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m. Chick-fil-A Bowl ESPN Virginia (8-4) vs. Auburn (7-5)

Jan. 3, 8:30 p.m. Allstate Sugar Bowl ESPN Virginia Tech (11-2) vs. Michigan (9-3)

Jan. 4, 8 p.m. Discover Orange Bowl ESPN Clemson (10-3) vs. West Virginia (9-3)


  1. Thanks Larry….Forrest Tucker and Ken Berry never liked us either, but that didn’t stop us from what we have set out to do and that is turn the ‘F’ Troop into a ‘G’ Troop and keep right on putting Greenville, I mean Greensboro on the map……

    Thanks again, for the show of support Larry and as Max Meeks and Wes Jones used to say, “Tell a Neighbor” or tell a friend…..

  2. To “Larry Storch” – If the sports coverage on this site is so bad, why are you reading it ? I think and Adam will do just fine without you as a read while you are reading the wonderful updates that the N & R provides throughout the day (especially for high school sports). This site updates more high school sports information in a day then the N&R does in a month. This is the only site that provides consistent reporting on youth sports for Guilford Co. Thanks for visiting Larry – Bye !

  3. This is the only site where Larry still gets recognized….When the gate/wall fell down on the ‘F Troop’ opening, Larry/Cpl. Agarn was to blame and he has never gotten over it…..

  4. Lets get to the real championship game that all of America is wanting to see LSU vs Alabama the best 2 teams in the country—ROLLTIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. since bowl games are more about ticket sales and not quality of play, the game gave the ACC a big boost. I think a packed house helped the ACC get two teams in BCS bowls, and NC State should bring another big crowd to the Queen City for the Belk Bowl

    Also, I think the ACC should name Charlotte permanent host city for the Football Championship, And Greensboro permanent host city for he basketball tournament

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