Linking back to last weekend’s NCHSAA Football State Championships

From Caulton Tudor, on the Page win over Garner, for the 4-AA Title coming in from the Charlotte Observer and the News and Observer…..CLICK HERE……

Northern Guilford’s victory as the Nighthawks took down Crest for the 3-AA Title, coming in from the Charlotte Observer….CLICK HERE….

Greensboro Page winning their State Title from Langston Wertz Jr. at the Charlotte Observer…..CLICK HERE


  1. I look forward to seeing what others have to say in regards to remarks Ragsdale Tigers…….I don’t feel you speak for all Ragsdale fans…..Will be real curious to what Pirate fans may have to say about your comments….How do you cheat when you win by two TD’s and at one time you are up 21-0….

  2. Hey ragsdale, quit being a negative nancy and just give credit where credit is due. I really don’t think that lucky is the right word to use, but maybe opportunistic. They made the most of Garner’s mistakes, which is what a good football team does. As far as the defense goes, don’t act like ragsdale has never had a two-way player. In a championship game you are supposed to have your best players on the field. Page and Northern winning state titles makes the whole area look better, so don’t hate on teams for accomplishing something your school could not.

  3. @ragsdale tiger—
    Instead of YOU worrying about my Pirates cheating (as you so put it) if I were you, I would concentrate more on learning how to SPELL!
    I won’t take you’re inadequate spelling, improper grammar usage, or lack of basic sentence structure and use it as a backdrop for the incompetency of the entire teaching staff of Ragsdale High School, I’ll just chalk it up as you NOT having the fortitude to take advantage of a decent education.
    In other words…’re just ignorant and looking for a forum to exemplify it.
    Dumb a$$!

  4. RT above sounds like another immature player or fan who can hardly put a sentence together. I thought Garner would give the Page DBs bigger problems on Saturday after hearing so much about their air attack. This simply was not the case. After watching this team for weeks I did think Page could win against pretty much anyone. As fan says above Summers is probably the best athlete on the team and was used and needed to shore up the defense. No big deal there. This is the state championship so use whomever you need to to get the job done.

    I am a Grimsley fan who has followed Page most of the year. They are a team full of talented athletes and brilliant coaches who know how to use their athletes to just do what it takes to win games. All you need to do to win a state championship is do what it takes to win. Page didn’t just win, they won BIG. So quit hating RT and try to learn what it takes to make a champion.

  5. Now…back to some positive comments…..
    I can only imagine how the atmosphere must be at Page and Northern high schools today. I know those guys must feel like they’re on the top of the world right now.
    I remember Friday night when we were running from store to store looking for the “extras” that some of the players wanted…new cleats, gloves, spats, etc. and the football players that were with me had on their Pirates warm ups. People were giving all kinds of accolades and wishing them well. The looks on their faces were…simply…priceless! Those memories for them are things that people such as that imbecile further up probably NEVER have or never will experience.
    These guys deserve all of the positive support that they’ve garnered. I can attest to the fact that they’ve worked extremely hard and they are truly a team. I also believe they have forged some friendships that will last long after their graduation. The naysayers, nit pickers, and people who don’t know them won’t know this about them. They’ve grown as students athletes, as people but more important…as MEN!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congrats Page and Northern……Now looking to next year! It might be hard for Page to repeat after losing so much talent from this years team. I still think they will be able to challenge in the Metro but 4AA repeat will be tough with them losing so many seniors. Northern on the other hand may just be the favorite in the 3AA with Logan and crew coming back! I know they lose Downing and a couple O-lineman but they will just line up and feed the ball to Logan 30 times a game. If he stays healthy so does Northern!

    4A way to early preseason predictions! Lol!

    Metro 2012
    SE Guilford
    So Alamance

    Piedmont Triad 4A
    East Forsyth
    NW Guilford
    HP Central
    SW Guilford

  7. Congratulations to Page & Northern Guilford on a job well done.

    Page played great all year. Summers was definitely a difference maker and made those around him better. But the key to that team was their defense. The D was outstanding all year and constantly disrupted the other team’s offense and came up with big turnovers. Not always the biggest team man for man, but always the team with the most heart and desire. Great job.

    Northern proved once again that they are an outstanding team and that Coach Roscoe and his staff know how to take advantage of the talent they have. They had one of the most creative offenses around and found ways to get the ball into the hands of their playmakers in the open field. Downing and Logan made it happen and they were surrounded by players who wanted it more than their opponents.

    As for “ragsdale tiger”…we don’t claim him and he or she definitely doesn’t speak for any of the Tiger fans who have any semblance of sense.

  8. This area has some great football teams and individual talent and to bring home 2 State titles is very impressive! Great job Pirates and Nighthawks!

  9. too bad, under the current system, Northern and page are just a 3a and 4a state champions, instead of THE 3a and 4a state champions. co-championships suck

  10. There are no “co-championships”.

    Page is the 4AA Champion.

    Northern is the 3AA Champion.


  11. ok. so there are no state champions. one team won the 4aa tournament, one team the 4a tournament. and on and on.

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