Monday Madness High School Basketball Scorers

Special to…..

1.Brittany Clency: Western Guilford: 26 pts: riding the wave
2. Kenya Hailey: SEG: 21 pts: starting to assert herself more
3. Autumn Carter: Rockingham: 20 pts: being 6’5 helps and has it advantages
4. Kara Shutt: SEG: 18 pts: much needed outside shooting
5. Roxanne Henshall; Grimsley: 14 pts: much needed win
Imani Watkins: Andrews: 14 pts: never know which Andrews team will show up
6. Whitney Barker: Rockingham: 13 pts: needed everyone of them
Mikayla Moore: Rockingham: 13 pts: overtime win
7. Cherish McCarthy: Andrews: 11 pts: needs to cherish every moment and point



Honorable Mention: Jalen Ford: Andrews: 18 pts