BOT at UNC ready to meet and finalize DEAL with Fedora

They used to say up at the old Bob Dunn Ford that is was a DONE deal and it looks to be a DONE deal with UNC, the BOT and Mr. Larry Fedora, like a four-door Ford-ora….

Looks like the dealing is DONE and they just need to get the BOT to agree on the M0NEY…..

CLICK HERE to see, as the North Carolina Tar Heels get ready to name another new football coach….Going back just a few years, let’s see there was Mack Brown, Carl Torbush, John Bunting, Butch Davis, Everett Withers and now Larry Fedora….We say this just in a way of rememberance….”Hang down your head Bill Dooley, hang your head and cry, hang down your head Bill Dooley, oh boy they’re bound to TRY”…..(Got to do something Bill!)

You’ve got to give it to the Tar Heels, at least they didn’t wait until the middle of October or the week before practice starts this time, they are making a move and it will give Larry Fedora time to do his off-season duties, in his preparations, as the new head coach….

Remember last time, they changed coaches the week fall practice started…..

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  1. They also did not wait until the NCAA finalized sanctions.
    I don’t see why he or anyone else would take the UNC job not knowing what restrictions they would be under as a coach.
    There will be more added by the NCAA than what UNC self imposed.

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