Tuesday Tornadoes Scorers Evades Local Area

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1. Brittany Clency: Western Guilford: 26 pts: Don’t know if staying in games in
68-12 blow outs helps cause
2. Amanada Coffer: Northern Guilford: 23 pts: good outing but needs to be consistent
against tougher foes
3.Kenya Hailey: Southeast Guilford: 21 pts: doing an excellent job and continues to
4. Jannina Joidumen: Thomasville Prep: 20 pts: off to better start with out Gibson
Imani Atkinson: Wesleyan: 20 pts.
5. Myra Henderson: Southern Guilford: 18 pts: good game
Jessica Jackson: HP Christian: 18 pts: for a second I thought it was Jesse Jackson
6. Sarah Beal: Thomasville Prep: 17 pts: doing an excellent job at the point
7. Sammi Goldsmith: Bishop Mcguniess: 16 pts: off to good start
Aloni Mcfarland: Southern Guilford: 16 pts: added scoring punch in win
8. Hadara Bannister: High Point Christian: 15 pts: let the eagles fly
9. Aliyah Grinage: Northern Guilford: 14 pts: will be one of the best forwards in
the area next year
Kathryn Cox: HP Christian: 14 pts: tough trio with Bannister and Jackson
10.Tamera Thorpe: Greensboro Day: 13 pts: got to produce more against formidable
opponents to be considered elite


1. Malik Wright: Southeast Guilford: 31 pts: Mister Lights Out!
2. Patrick Chandler: Northern Guilford: 23 pts: welcomes the boys football champs back in style
3. Frankie Eaves: Page: 21 pts: establishing himself as one of the areas best and
colleges waiting


  1. Way to go Jessica Jackson!!!
    Jessica signed with Pfeiffer University to play softball next season. Who knows maybe we could see her on the court too.

  2. Imani Atkinson had 20 pts for Wesleyan…actually had a triple double with pts, rebounds and steals

  3. Clency hardly played last night. Their coach allowed all subs to play. Hornets deffense was impressive!

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