Over-Under set at 7 years for new UNC football coach Larry Fedora:I’ll take the under and go with 5(What’s in stora for Larry Fedora?)

They have established the line at 7 years for new UNC Tar Heel football coach Larry Fedora and they have given Coach Fedora a 7-year contract, so that puts the over-under at 7…..I’ll take the under 7 years and go with 5….

You know what they say…..Born to die/Hired to be Fired……Weigh in, are you with me at five, do you think he will see the seven, or are you feeling less enthusiasitic about this hire and you might see this coming to end in less than five years….

Just calling for your opinion and as evangelist Freddie Gage used to say, “Step Out”….It’s time to step out or speak out, on this topic…..Mick, Ben, Crackride Monkey 336, Cpl. Agarn and others should have a thought or two on this one……

I do like the part in Larry Fedora’s contract that calls for the one-time paymenet of $400,000 by January 31, 2012…..That is one heck of a deal…..I also like the $30,000 annually for expenses….I could give you you a good effort for some of these numbers….Total survey says, Seven year contract with $1.7 million annually…..I could handle those type of numbers, how about you?????

Now back to that Over-Under of 7 years???

What’s in stora for Larry Fedora?


  1. I thnk he will graduate in four years and then move on. Next coach at UNC after Fedora or after Tom O’Brien at N.C. State will be Skip Holtz.

    Mark my word, Skip Holtz is headed to the ACC.

  2. I know Mr. Hat as well as anyone and I think he will be in Chapel Hill for a short time.
    If the NCAA hits them pretty hard he will try to get out ASAP.
    I still do not understand why he took that job not knowing what he would be dealing with as far as sanctions and restrictions are concerned.

  3. Ok I will comment.
    I do not care who coaches UNC.
    Tom O’Brien will continue his streak against them.

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