Late NFL scores from Sunday afternoon, as Tebow(7-1) and the Broncos do it again in OT and the Packers improve to (13-0)

Tim Tebow has become like a Sunday afternoon George Blanda-type leader/hero, from back in the day when George was playing with the Oakland Raiders and he would lead his team back to victory almost every Sunday for nearly 6-8 weeks back in the early-to-mid 70’s, and although Tebow is just a QB and not a QB and kicker too like Blanda was, Tebow is a pretty good quarterback and the kid Tim Tebow, is a proven winner…..

Finals/Results…Top Passer…Top Rusher…Top Receiver….

Denver 13, Chicago 10 (OT) Tebow 236 Barber 108 Thomas 78
Arizona 21, San Francisco 19 Skelton 282 Gore 72 Fitzgerald 149
San Diego 37, Buffalo 10 Rivers 240 Mathews 114 Johnson 116
Green Bay 46, Oakland 16 Rodgers 281 Grant 85 Nelson 81

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  1. I am not a Tebow fan and I would not replace him for Cam but you have got to love what this kid is doing out in Denver. This shows just how important it is to be in the right situation when it comes to your team, coach and organization. I hate John Fox as a coach but Tebow probably fits Fox to a “T”. Fox wants to run as much as possible, keep the game within reach and win it in the 4th. That seems to fix Tebow perfectly. As far as Tebow, he is truely showing how important leadership and the power of believing that you can win, is when it comes to actually winning.

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