Pizza Hut Tournament Seedings/Pairings

Teams are being recognized….
#2 NWG
#3 Smith
#4 Northern Guilford
#5 GDS
#6 Ragsdale
#7 Grimsley
#8 NEG

#1 GDS
#2 NEG
#3 Smith
#4 Page
#5 Northern
#6 NWG
#7 Grimsley
#8 Ragsdale

ROUND ONE:(Dec. 26)
#1 GDS vs. #8 Ragsdale[6:30pm]
#4 Page vs. #5 Northern[8pm]
#2 NEG vs. # 7 Grimsley[4:30pm]
#3 Smith vs. #6 NWG[3pm]

#1 Page vs. #8 NEG[5:30pm}
# 4 Northern vs. #5 GDS[3:30pm]
#2 NWG vs. #7 Grimsley[7pm]
#3 Smith vs. #6 Ragsdale[2pm]


  1. Got those times updated for you and I think we were the first to have the seedings/pairings and it is not that big of a deal, but it is always important to try and be first no matter what….We were posting as they were announcing at the Coliseum….

    #4 Page vs. #5 Northern boys on Day One/Round One ought to be a good matchup and #3 Smith-#6 NWG could get interesting…

    Girls major matchup on Day One/Round One should be #4 Northern vs. #5 GDS…..GDS could win this game and it would not be an upset….

  2. NW girls are seated second and they have not won a game (0-4) and lost to Northern. Are the seatings drawn from a hat?

  3. Boys seedings look pretty good, but NW Guilford girls a #1 seed??? You gotta be freaking kidding me!!!! Whats the logic in this??

  4. The girls seeds are insane. If they are accurate, that is some pretty weak basketball. I think both SWG and WG and Dudley are all stronger than GDS, but there is no way you can tell me Page is stronger than GDS. Again, Page loses easily to Surry Central who will finish 4th place in a 1A/2A conference. Surry Central has already lost two conference games by double digits. No disrespect to Page, and maybe out of the teams playing here, they deserve a #2 or #3 seed. I don’t know. But why would they be a #1 seed?

  5. In the girls backet, NW appears to be ranked too high. NW will not get pass Smith and the speed that Smith can put on the floor. The GDS and Northern game will be the only “real” game on the first day. The top 3 seeds will crush Grimsley, NE and Ragsdale. The round 2 matchups with Page vs Northern/GDS and NW vs Smith will be some good games. I agree with an early post that Dudley would create some issues for GDS – actually a Dudley vs GDS girls game could be interesting. However, SW is weak in the paint and GDS has the players to control their guard play. Plus SW only plays basically 6 players in meaningful games. Also, WG is not very strong in the paint which would be an issue against GDS and everything with WG goes through their point guard which would not dribble drive to the paint whenever she wanted and score 30 pts against GDS as she has done against their current competition. As far as the Page girls, just because Surry Central is from Surry Co and they play 1A/2A, don’t think they cannot play. Bishop is only 2A and they would crush nearly all of the local programs that they play. This was just as Paris was coming back to the team from her injury. If this game was played today, then it would likely be a different outcome.

  6. Bishop is 1A and their girls team had a knock down drag out fight with surry central for 3 and a half quarters before pulling away. The 1A and 2A schools don’t have the athletes that the 3A and 4A teams around here but they generally play a lot more disciplined basketball in my opinion.

  7. Bishop was up 17 points at halftime on Surry Central and up 14 at the end of the third and they won by 14. I guess that could be considered a knock down drag out???

  8. The pairings are no real surprise! Everybody should have known NW was going to get an easy game! Unless Coach has brought and paid the referees too, they might get beat in the first rounds. It would have been good to see them paired against GDS in the first round.

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