Everett Withers not happy about not getting North Carolina Tar Heels’ football job

Everett Withers says you have to be ready to move on fast and he may end up on Urban Meyer’s staff at Ohio State…..He is not happy at all with the way things turned out, especially after he was called in for his interview with UNC AD Bubba Cunningham, while the job was still up for grabs…..CLICK HERE to read all/see all and you can see what has Withers very upset, as he prepares to coach his last game as a North Carolina Tar Heel head football coach, as the Heels get ready to enter the bowl season……


  1. That clown sealed his fate when he ran his mouth about UNC’s supposed “academic integrity.” Than followed his words up with a big loss to a team that requires its athletes to go to class and do their own work. He’s right. He would have fit in perfectly with the hypocisy that is UNC-Chapel Hill.

  2. Wonder how many players agree that he should have gotten the job and will leave due to this?

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