High School Hoops Tonight for 12/14/11:Finals

WG 66
Ragsdale 53

WG Jeff Mosley 22 points and Quinton Millner with 18 pts…Ragsdale had Stepp with 16 and Rouse with 12 pts…..More on WG boys:
Jeff Mosley 22 pts 11 rebounds
Quinton Millner 18 pts 11 rebounds
Aaron Woodard 8 pts 10 assists

4th Q….1:10 WG 62, Ragsdale 51…
4th Q….1:45 WG 58, Ragsdale 51…
4th Q….3:15 left….WG 56, Ragsdale 47….
4th Q….4:37 Remaining….WG 52, Ragsdale 44…

End of 3rd Q:
WG 45
Ragsdale 34

WG 27
Ragsdale 16

2nd Q…3:56: WG 19, Ragsdale 12….

End of 1st Q:
WG 14
Ragsdale 10

WG 39
Ragsdale 24

WG(8-0)…..Brittany Clency WG led the Hornets with 17pts…..For WG, Dean with 6pts., Whitehead 5, Smith 3, Marks, Witherspoon, Davis and Hairston with 2 each….For Ragsdale it was Darnell and Saunders with 8 a-piece….

4th Q…3:00 remaining….WG 37, Ragsdale 19…
4th Q…6:00 WG 32, Ragsdale 17….

End of 3rd Q:
WG 25
Ragsdale 17

3rd Q….1:00..WG 23, Ragsdale 17…

Ragsdale 12
Western Guiford 11


  1. Was this a girls or boys game? You are saying the score was 12 to 11 at the half. I feel sorry for anyone that had to see this game with a score that low. Were they run a 4 corners offense or what ?

  2. Kind of play it by ear and when you see the first score 9 times out of 10 it will be a girls game…..Low scoring game at the half, but the WG girls scored 28 second half points to go on and claim the win and remain unbeaten, now running their record for the year to (8-0)…..

    Boys game was kind of low-scoring too with a 27-16 WG lead at halftime…..

    Both WG teams win on back-to-back nights….On Tuesday at Grimsley and tonight at home vs. Ragsdale……Good couple of nights for both WG teams….

  3. Ragsdale actually looked better tonight than they did the first time vs. Western Guilford….Ragsdale are getting contributions from more players, for instance with Stepp and Holland….Got to get tougher on the inside defense….Gave up way too many baskets along the low blocks tonight, espcially on the right side….Must shore up that inside defense and not allow so many second shots…Young team and will make strides……

  4. Andy, looked better? They looked sloppy and undisciplined. Their offense is stagnant and looks like the old horseshoe all 5 on the perimeter! Plus they only scored 10@ the half last week.

  5. Clency has had a great start this season! What schools are she considering? I havent heard anything about recruitment or committing?

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