‘Word Up’ on the street is that Guilford College will have a new catcher joining the team next semester

‘Word Up’ on the street, is that the Guilford College Quakers will have a new catcher on their roster next semester…..I remember that Guilford had a catcher back on Coach Mayard’s team back around 1976, when they went to the NAIA National Tourament and this kid might end up being as good as Stan Smith was back behind the plate in ’76….

Changes are going to happen if this all works out; it will be for the good and a good move for Guilford and a good move for the catcher, coming back down out of the hills/mountains…….

‘Word Up’ on the street kind of has it like Mr. Jed Clampett used to say it, SweeeeeeeeeDoggies……This could be big…….


  1. Would that be Kernersville Stan Smith from back in the day? I remember watching him play Little League during the time when I collected most of my Big Red Machine Baseball Cards one pack at a time at Glenn High School Field.

  2. That would be Stan Smith from back in the day at Guilford and the man we are looking for is not Ozzie Smith(SS) or Lonnie Smith(OF) or Zane Smith(P) Atlanta Braves or even the other Brave on the staff with Zane that I was thinking of and it just came to me and it was Pete Smith….None of those and none of the old Patriots from Guilford either, but it could well be the man that played for the two Westerns……I remember one day over at Dudley, when the Panthers had a 1-0 lead on WG and Macon Smith came up late in the game with one on and two outs and Macon put one in a neighbor’s yard across the street from the Dudley baseball field and Dudley could not capture the elusive win from WG on that day…..

    If Mr. Jed Clampett was following along with us he might be saying, “CulosweeeeeeeeDoggies”…….

  3. I dont know who this new kid is, but if he’s as good as Stan Smith then Guilford will have a great player! We had some great players on that ’76 team and Stan was one of the best around!

  4. The kid has the size, the arm and the bat….He just needs to get his mindset straight as goes through the process of changing schools…..Could have some Mark Guenther and Raymond Cooke-type skills, but again he sets up just like Stan Smith, behind the plate…….

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