HS Hoops Tonight for 12/17/11 in-games/Finals[NG at NWG]

Northern Guilford 74
Northwest Guilford 68

NG scoring with 24 for Patrick Chandler…13 for T.J. Logan…12 each for Evan Markley and John McBeth….NWG Scoring….Cody Hylton with 20 points…Ryan Doerr with 15 points…Keaton Haack with 15 points……

4th Q…2:00:NWG 66, NG 65
4th Q:..3:00:NG 65, NWG 64
4th Q…4:00:NG 62, NWG 62
4th Q…5:00:NWG 60, NG 60
4th Q…6:00:NWG 60, NG 58
4th Q…7:16:NWG 56, NG 56

End of 3rd Q:
NWG 56
NG 54

End of 1st Half:
NWG 35
NG 31

2nd Q….3:30 mark….NWG 24, NG 23
2nd Q:…3:50 mark….NG 23, NWG 21….
2nd Q….5:00 mark in half NWG 21, NG 20….
2nd Q….5:40 remaining…NG 19, NWG 18

End of 1st Q:
NG 14
NWG 12

Northern Guilford 47
Northwest Guilford 40

4th Q:…1:00
NG 43, NWG 38

4th Q….2:15
NG 41, NWG 38

4th Q…3:00
NG 40, NWG 38

4th Q….4:00
NWG 38, NG 38

4th Q….5:00
NWG 38, NG 36…

4th Q….6:00
NWG 36, NG 34….

4th Q…7:00
NWG 34
NG 34

End of 3rd Quarter:
NWG 32
NG 30

3rd Q…1:00
nwg 32
ng 30

3rd Q….2;00
NG 30
NWG 27


  1. Wow the girls #2 seed beaten by #4. The brackets are set up to guarantee NW two games in the big lights before going to the loser bEracket!

  2. Both NW and Northern girls will have some problems in the Pizza Hut Invitation this year. Neither team has good guard play. NW and Northern only have 1 guard and neither can shot from the outside. Without the Coffer girl #35 for Northern, they would be lucky to score 30 points a game. NW has some good outside shooters but disappeared at the end of the Northern game. If either of those teams play in the tournament the way that they played tonight, then both of them will be going down. Both of the boys teams looked good and I would expect both of them to get into the 2nd round. I could see the Northern boys getting to the championship game if they do not have to meet GDS.

  3. Northern rollin along once they got full squad back. Love the coverage of past two Northern games any way you can give a little more detail in game for those of us at home or in another gym 1500 miles away. you give score down to final minute or two then i have to refresh page for twenty minutes hangin. Thanks for the coverage though

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