The report card on N.C. State recruit Rodney Purvis:Academics must come first as he works to overcome learning disabilities

Interesting post/piece on N.C. State basketball recruit Rodney Purvis, from the Upper Room Academy in Raleigh and you can read how he works to overcome his learning disabilities, as he strives to one day earn his college degree….The people who work with him are interesting too, with Ryan Kelly’s mom(Duke mom) from Ravenscroft in Raleigh, serving as an academic advisor and his high school basketball coach Avie Lester, from Roxoboro and N.C. State, guiding Purvis to reach for a purpose in academics first and athletics(basketball second)…..

CLICK HERE to read all and it is a bit long, but worth the read and it will help make for a good day for you, as you will learn something yourself, when you read this…..


  1. Congratulations to Coach Gottfried.
    He has recruited a high character student/athlete.

  2. This is a fantastic story! Rodney has a great support system. I hope people will share this story to kids in elementary, middle and high schools. Most kids with a learning disability believe that college is not an option. Rodney will be an inspiration to many of the young student-athletes in this state. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It is a pleasure to see that a parent and a child have the correct view on academics and athletics. Good luck to Rodney on the pursuit of his degree.

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