All Conference Football Teams

The All-Conference football teams made their way to the News and Record on Sunday and we had the Metro 4-A All Conference team up here about a week or two ago and let’s go ahead and post the others also, now that we’ve got our hands on them too…

Piedmont Triad 4-A:
NWG Vikings:Curtis Smith, Logan Lover, Matt Pawlowski, Reid Baxter, Dalton Dillon, Tyler Campbell, Ben Yates…

Ragsdale Tiger:Garrison Herndon, Duncan Sparks, Larry Ogunjobi, Trey Grimes, Chaka McCoy, Brad Davis, Chaka McCoy, Brandon Swinton, Isaiah Brown, Marquez Eleazor, Anthony Stewart, Austin Greene…..

Southwest Guilford Cowboys:Brandon Banks, Ray Bridges, Larry Edwards, Ryan Bristow…

High Point Central Bison:Rubin Crosby, Lashuran Monk, Justin Johnson, Antoine Copes, Jacory Davis, Germaine Pratt…..

Mid-State 3-A:
Northern Guilford Nighthawks:Daniel Downing, T.J. Logan, Austin Coltrane, John McBeth, Scooter Mooney, Sam Parker, Austin Simmons, Tre Purcell, Chris Ripberger, T.J. Ruff……

Eastern Guilford Wildcats:Joey Loosemore, Tyler Hunt, Tyler Wolfe, Quan Moss, Soloman Radcliffe, Desmon Miller, Evan Moore……

Mid-Piedmont 3-A:
Northeast Guilford Rams:Jacob McCann, Caleb McCann, Kyle Martin, Mario Macklin, Jeff Miller, Dion Pressley, William Ross, Pete Wall, Andrew Campbell, Tyrone Hammer, DuJuan Horne…..

Southern Guilford Storm:Jamie Cunningham, Matt Colvin, Malik Mosley, Quashan Butler, Chris Brown, Steven Davis, Trey Judge, Dominique Robertson, Paul Say, Keemar Bachelor, J’Lin Rose, Courtland Watts…….

PAC 6 2-A:
High Point Andrews Red Raiders:Chris Pauling, Ricky Gibson, Shae Wright, Jalen Turner, Joseph White, Darien Miller, Marquell Cartwright, Marques Swinton, Dishawn Ray, Jerry Brown, Jacob Hairston, Jamari Milliken, Rakwan Hayes…..


  1. Just looking at the list I think the number 24 Kristy from NW Should have been on that list. When I saw them at Page he played lights out that game. And talking to other Fans from NW they say he made a ton of plays all year.

  2. How did Ragsdale get 12 and NW only get 7? Didn’t NW beat Ragsdale and win a share of the Conference this year?

  3. The coaches nomintate players then they vote on the noniations, but they can’t vote for their own players…….That’s the way they used to do and you had X amount of votes, but again, the coaches could not vote for their own…….May have changed these days, but sure someone will know….

  4. I don’t know if these are fans of NW or student or parents. But it seems that they have some sort of complex happening over there. They seem to always feel disrespected. So instead of words of congratulations for the kids that made all conference they make it a question of why did this kid or that kid not make it or why do we have to go on the road and play when other have home games. Enjoy the success that this team had this year. Congratulation to all the kids and good luck in the future.

  5. Congratulations to all those who did make All-Conference! Not sure how Kristy nor Overcash didn’t make it, though, for NW. Kristy had some really big games and Overcash’s numbers within the conference ranked among the best in receiving stats per MaxPreps.

  6. I didn’t see NWG play this year and do not know these kids. But I can answer your question! There are 2 reasons why these kids did not make All-Conference! First, their coach did not nominate them for the team or, secondly their coach nominated them but the other coaches in the league did not vote for them. Plain and simple! Everyone can’t make All-Conference and it is a reward! Sometimes people get overlooked. Get used to it, that’s LIFE!

  7. Don’t you NW people know that every time you post something on this site, you will be lectured? People just sit and wait for you to post so they can set you straight.

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