More HS Hoops scores coming in out of last night’s games

Dudley 84
Southeast Guilford 63

Sam Hunt with 24 points to pace the Panthers…Malik Wright led SEG with 21….Dudley also had Devan Gregory with 14, D.J. Alston with 12 and Alvah Phillip with 10 pts., while Phiefer and Johnson kicked in 15 and 12 for SEG…

Ragsdale 58
Rockingham County 32

Ragsdale now (3-6) with Bryan Rouse 15 pts. and Joseph Bryant 11 for the Tigers….

Caldwell Academy 72
Statesville Christian 58

First win in a long time for Caldwell….Emeka Ikezu with 18, Matt Uchedike with 17 and Patrick Kobani with 14 points helped get the win for the Eagles…..Charlie Ganim had 8 for Caldwell…..

Eastern Guilford 57
Northeast Guilford 43

Karima Jackson with 14 points was the Top ‘Cat and Gabby King from NEG, drew game honors with 15 pts…..

High Point Andrews 58
Southwest Guilford 54

HPA(6-5) and SWG(6-4)…..October Campbell led HPA with 15, while Jessica Pone had 20 for SWG….

Northern Guilford 60
Eastern Alamance 49

Aliyah Grinage with 20 points and 10 rebounds gave a big surge to the Lady Nighthakws…Sydney Wilson and Alexis Robinson added 10 points each for NG…

Rockingham County 39
Ragsdale 24

Mikayla Pettyjohn with 9 points for the RHS Tigers(Ragsdale)….

Caldwell Academy 60
Kennedy Charter 29

Bekah Page with 10 points for (5-7) Caldwell…..

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  1. Yeah, Andy, it’s been so long since we won a game you creditted Corey Ganim’s 8 points to his dad Charlie!! Also, I believe it’s Michael Kobani, not Patrick.

    But a win’s a win, and we appreciate the coverage. Believe we are now 3-9 with mainly conference games coming up. Very curious to see match up with NGFS.

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