Complete High School Basketball Scoreboard for tonight 12/22/11

All Finals…
Page 70
Ragsdale 51

Greensboro Day School 75
West Stokes 39

Northwest Guilford 63
Hopewell 52

Chapel Hill 82
Southwest Guilford 72

Thomasville Prep 65
Faith Baptist 40

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  1. Wesleyan 89
    Barrington Prep 61

    They were scheduled to play Evelyn Mack. Mack never showed and neither did the team scheduled to play Barrington so the two teams played each other. I was a little disappointed with the tournament. Some teams didn’t show, the prep teams were very unprepared. Stillwater Prep played Lexington High School and both teams had blue jerseys. It became almost impossible to tell which team was which. In the second half, Stillwater prep put on red practice jerseys from a surry county school so the teams could be told apart. Upper Room got blown out. I went early to see them play and it turns out it was either their B team or their JV team. They lost by 60 to Crossroads Charter who isn’t even all that good. It was misleading and the competition hasn’t been very good with the exception of Wesleyan and Thomasville Prep who will meet Friday at 7ish at Thomasville High.

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