The Phoenix of Thomasville Prep are still flying as they advance to (16-0)

GIRLS Basketball
Thomasville Prep 55
SC Ali 40

*****Thomasville Prep girls (16-0) wins against SC ALI*****
High Scorers:
Janina Koivunen 23
Sarah Beal 15


  1. Has any one else noticed when some teams lose, you never get a reported score on this site. It’s obvious…… your scores if you win or lose.

  2. Who is not reporting? Thomasville, Dudley, Smith, GDS, Page and similar schools seem to report both the boys and girls whether they win or lose so who do you think is not reporting? I don’t think that I have seen all of the NW, Northern, Westchester, NE, Grimsley and Ragsdale scores.

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