Pizza Hut Invitational Boys’ Final – Smith 65, Northwest Guilford 48

Northwest Guilford vs Smith
12/26/11 3:00 pm at Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Cent.
At Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Cent.

SMITH – 65

NORTHWEST GUILFORD (5-6): Matt Pawlowski 6-8 2-4 14; Keaton Haack 6-9 1-4 13; Ryan Doerr 4-11 1-4 10; Cody Hylton 2-12 5-6 9; Hunter Clary 1-16 0-0 2; Josh Beitz 0-0 0-0 0; Anthony Harding 0-3 0-0 0; Drew Coble 0-3 0-0 0; Kevin Parrish 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 19-62 9-18 48.

SMITH (8-4): Tracy Gathings 10-13 4-7 25; JT Williams 6-8 2-4 14; Adrian Wimbush 3-12 2-2 10; Devonte Phillips 3-3 0-0 6; Cameron Woods 2-3 0-0 4; Drew Williams 1-6 2-2 4; Velente Wallace 1-3 0-0 2; Kaleb Holt 0-0 0-0 0; Eric Carter 0-0 0-0 0; Keenan Corbett 0-1 0-0 0; Chris Woods 0-0 0-0 0. Totals 26-49 10-15 65.

   Northwest Guilford............   11   12   13   12  -   48
   Smith.........................   10   18   13   24  -   65

3-point goals–Northwest Guilford 1-18 (Ryan Doerr 1-2; Cody Hylton 0-5; Hunter Clary 0-9; Drew Coble 0-2), Smith 3-14 (Adrian Wimbush 2-7; Tracy Gathings 1-2; Cameron Woods 0-1; Drew Williams 0-2; Velente Wallace 0-1; Keenan Corbett 0-1).
Fouled out–Northwest Guilford-None, Smith-None.
Rebounds–Northwest Guilford 33 (Ryan Doerr 8), Smith 42 (Tracy Gathings 12).
Assists–Northwest Guilford 5 (Cody Hylton 2), Smith 13 (Adrian Wimbush 4).
Total fouls–Northwest Guilford 13, Smith 14.
Technical fouls–Northwest Guilford-None, Smith-None.
36th Annual Pizza Hut Invitational – Boys’ Game #1


  1. Looks like a big win for Smith. I’m just curious by asking this but is there still turmoil at Northwest Guilford? I know a couple of years ago it seemed pretty bad from all the comments on here and now I haven’t seen any comments in a while about the situation. Just asking because from the scoreboard it looks like this team was up and coming and in the last couple of years they seemed to have gotten worse. They win about the same number of games but they aren’t playing the FCD, ORMA and other schools like that anymore. I don’t want any drama or anything that isn’t true, so just looking for insight in to people that are involved with the program in some way. Congrats Smith.

  2. Coach Revis brought a lot of stability to the program. He walked into a pretty big mess and is building the right way. They will be fine just give him some time

  3. Thanks for your honest input viking supporter. I’m looking for more info like why are they scheduling cupcake teams (lexington, reynolds) now instead of the challenging teams (ORMA, FCD) they had years ago. If I remember correctly they lost to two charlotte schools in the playoffs but both games were close. Do they not have the same amount of talent they had those years? I recognize some names in the paper but not all. Guess Ill have to go watch them play. Thanks again.

  4. Coach and Viking Supporter, I was an asst for the former staff and I’d assume they schedule some not so good teams to keep parents in the area quiet. We did lose to 2 charlotte schools. We lost to Vance in our first season and in our second season we lost to ardrey kell in the second round. I could tell you all the mess that has occurred at that school and why we took the fall for it but all that stuff is not relevant since that entire staff has moved on to better situations. The questions I can answer is that 3 players off the team from our last year play at different schools now. Good luck to NW and our former players this season. Good luck guys

  5. I love it when people with losing teams say that they “are doing it the right way.”. Coach Manny Bloom had previous issues maybe, but he was a good basketball coach with a group of parents who had unrealistic expectations and would not leave basketball to the coach. Then he was “thrown under the bus” by his boss when there were lots of individuals who were complicit. I saw NWG play NG, and they should have won that game! I have no comment about why they lost that game, but it was not the officiating!!! Today I saw 8 boy’s basketball teams, and there was one very good one, two good ones, one OK one, and four below average teams (and that’s being nice!). I was very disappointed, ’cause this used to be really good basketball. I will be going to HP the next three days and hoping for better basketball!

  6. Thanks Eddie. I know we were doing things the right way and most basketball people in the area know that as well. I haven’t seen NW play this year and whild I don’t know coach Revis that well, I do know that his assts coach mac and coach brown have very good basketball minds and they are dear and loyal friends to myself and coach bloom. The NW area made their decision and we have moved on to better jobs so there isn’t a need to bash any player, coach or parent. We weren’t doing things the wrong way and we were definitely progressing faster than NW the last two years but they have also lost players. Viking Supporter, I take offense to the fact that you say he is doing things the right way implying that we weren’t. If we weren’t doing things the right way why did he choose coaches in our program to be his assts or why does he run a lot of the offensive sets that we put in? The only big mess was complaining parents and the administration’s refusal to step in and take care of problems before they got too big. I remember winning like 6 of our last 8 and still having to talk to parents after each game about why their son didn’t play more. Its not about winning for most people at NW its about playing time. With all that being said, they have some really good kids in the program to make it work. Just my two cents

  7. Curious to know which team Mr Willis thought was very good. None of these teams were very good. The team that I thought would be good didn’t play very good defense and played out of control on offense.

  8. GDS





    The way I see it GDS is apart from the next two, Northern little behind them, and Northeast far removed last year and the field. I was being kind re: the others. The truth be known, they are terrible. My apologies for not being nice.
    It’s a down year for sure.

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