Summary of games from today’s(Tuesday) Pizza Hut Invitational plus tomorrow’s(Wednesday) lineup

36th Annual Pizza Hut Invitational Summary – All game played in the
Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center

Dec. 27 Results



Page 48, Greensboro Day School 41

Northwest Guilford 40, Smith 32


Greensboro Day School 63, Page 62

Northeast Guilford 69, Smith 59

Consolation Bracket


Northern Guilford 53, Northeast Guilford 26

Grimsley 47, Ragsdale 31


Grimsley 49, Northwest Guilford 48

Northern Guilford 58, Ragsdale 40

Dec. 28 Schedule

Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center Court #1

2:00 pm – Greensboro Day School vs. Smith – Girls’ 3rd-place game

4:00 pm – Page vs. Smith – Boys’ 3rd-place game

6:00 pm – Page vs. Northwest Guilford – Girls’ Championship Game

7:45 pm – Greensboro Day School vs. Northeast Guilford – Boys’ Championship

Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center Court #2

12:30 pm – Northeast Guilford vs. Ragsdale – Girls’ 7th-place game

2:00 pm – Northwest Guilford vs. Ragsdale – Boys’ 7th-place game

3:30 pm – Grimsley vs. Northern Guilford – Girls’ 5th-place game

5:00 pm – Grimsley vs. Northern Guilford – Boys’ 5th-place game


  1. Andy – I have not heard any of our thoughts about the various games up to date. What has surprised you so far? What do you think about the performance of specific teams or players? Who did you expect more or less from ?

  2. Famous let words when breaking the huddle after a time out with your opponent on the line–“don’t forget to box out the shooter!!!!”–Now that’s something to scream about at your team.

  3. I have expected much more from my Bengals. They have not shot the ball well at all. They also have not played as fast as they have been playing. Not sure what is going on, but doesn’t look like they are playing with the same intensity as they have played with to this point in the season. Need to find that spark somewhere.

  4. I’ll go ahead and admit, I’m a sore loser, especially when one team has a set of rules and the other team has a different set of rules. Money has purchased a lot of height for GDS. The Page GDS game could have gone either way. I understand that GDS is a part of Greensboro but how can they feel good about participating in the Pizza Hut Tournament with a heavily recruited team. My understanding is that Guilford County School system does not allow recruitment. Remember the Northern debacle.

    Page players you played a great game, GDS did not want to play you in the final game, why you were given a #4 seed is highly questionable to me?

    Andy, maybe GDS just played a good team last night.

  5. Excellent game, it almost had that championship sort of feel to it…..31-27 at the half for GDS-PAGE with the Bengals in front and then 19-10 PAGE out-scoring GDS in the third quarter….James Summers made some super passes for Page last night and Bryson Fonville was really getting to the basket after getting loose in the lane….Frank Eaves was his usual Frank Eaves self in the big games….Page had the 8 point lead in the 3rd quarter and then GDS battled back….JT John Terry hit a real long 3-pointer and Jalen Ross was keeping the Bengals within striking distance….Would hate to try and play defense on those kids from either team, very quick with Fonville, Eaves, Spain, Ross, Terry and others…..Page missed a gimme shot on the inside late and then the box-out on the missed free throw, with I think 3.8 seconds left may have helped GDS more than if they would have made the free throw….With the miss and the rebound grab, GDS runs out the time on the clock….Would love to watch that game back again on tape….When they are running LIVE they happen and go so fast, you don’t have the time to enjoy them and by calling all the games on the web and on the radio this week, it has been keeping us very busy….

    #1 vs. #2 in the boys and girls finals, Seeding chief has to feel good about that….Page fans need to get behind Paris Kea, Kayla Johnson and the Pirates’ rebounding tandem of Chelsey Coleman and Debresha Barnes today…..Coleman and Barnes were huge on the boards yesterday and Kea carried the team in the first half and then Johnson did the job with her scoring in the second half….Alyssa Munson will be tough for the NWG girls on the inside/interior, she has some very good post moves and Page will need to get a body on her at all times…..Natalie Harper was red-hot outside to begin the game for NWG yesterday and she had three-three’s in the first quarter/first half…..Brandi Burrell is a steady little point guard for NWG….

    GDS boys will have to well aware of NEG tonight…..Mohammad Tijani is a lot like Bryson Fonville from Page….Tijani can get to the basket in a hurry…..NEG has multiple sources with Simpson, Williamson, Benjamin, and Hairston out front and the Rams will need a big game from ‘Big Men’ Donavan Gilmore and Cameron Smith….NEG can not stand back and watch and be in awe of GDS…..The Rams have to be ready to play early and you must find some way to keep GDS off the boards with way too many second and third chances on the offensive end last night……I’d love to have a portion of the Bengals missed shots in that game on Tuesday…..Gilmore and Smith will have to get up there and rebound and Page went big with both Summers and Conner last night and it helped and for NEG to have success, Bryce Benjamin will have to drop down and help out on the boards too, because Cam Smith and Gilmore won’t be able to do it all by themselves……

    NEG has a tendency to run long offensive possessions and the Rams will have to be real patient to be effective in their offensive sets tonight…..As a coach put it the other night and he said it well, it isn’t always about stopping a certain man, it is about stopping or checking the schemes that teams use………

    Looing forward to today’s games….We have the same teams on Court 1 that we had yesterday, just in a different order in today’s finals and third place games…..

  6. GDS played a very good team last night and they know it. In fact Page sent a couple of players over to GDS when they realized they couldn’t beat us at there schools. The metro is going to come down to Page and Smith and Page already owns a win over Smith on their court. Also I agree that the game last night should have been the final. Page should have at least been a two seed. Don’t get that seeding. As for the last play with Dillard at the foul line. It was an aggressive call by the coaches in anticipation of a make. We should not have been down late but made some mistakes that cost us points. Good luck and play hard Pirates.

  7. Greensboro Day should not be in the Little Four. It is unfair very unfair that they get your best kids and come back and beat you with them. They should go and play teams like Oakhill or teams that recruit players like they do. They know they can’t beat teams like that.

  8. New Garden Friends School had a nice win last night over Bassett Virginia. The Bears continue to play an impressive schedule with a very thin roster. Next up is New Bern, NC. on Thursday.

  9. Dale throwing another jab at Robert Kent about the “screaming?” No way, what did he do Dale, steal your girlfriend back in high school? Though most assumptions are you are quite a bit younger than that. Regardless, grow up.

  10. I think it is ridiculous that GDS gets to play in this tournament. They don’t need the money like Public Schools and they get to play by different rules by recruiting and letting kids drop back a grade year. They should be replaced by a Public School that needs the money. I also agree that Page got robbed on the seedings. There is no way they should be a 4th seed.

  11. All of you guys whining about a private school playing should grow up. Not one of you is complaining about HPCA playing at SW tourney or public schools playing at Wesleyan. Basketball in greensboro is getting watered down by people not wanting to challenge their teams. Your team gets money regardless of winning. Not a GDS fan but tired of all the complaining about one team in a tourney. I assume you guys would all put Dudley back in and take GDS out and then not complain at all when dudley wins it every year. If coaches would play a more challenging schedule they would stop some of their kids from going to the private circuit.

  12. Coach B, it would be great to get back to the the original four of the “Little Four Tournament” and yes I would replace GDS with Dudley or any team that operates under the same constraints. No whining here, Page played a great game and they were certainly not out played by GDS. The clock just ran out when GDS had the 1 point advantage, a few seconds on the clock either way, Page would have had the advantage. Truly it is not fair for any team to play under a different set of rules and feel that they are being competitive in a tournament. On top of the recruiting the first thing the private school players do is reclass and drop back a grade, how many of the players on the GDS team have done that? Zero on the Page team.

    I would put the question out to the players and see how they feel about playing in a tournament where one team recruits and reclasses their players while the others are absolutely forbidden to recruit and intentionally reclass players. Ask the players, I challenge anyone to poll five players from each team, that participated in the Pizza Hut Tournament, and get their opinions. The players opinions are the only ones that really count.

  13. Pagedad, I agree that it is unfair for public school teams to have to compete against private. However, if you want the original little 4 the tournament will not succeed. I’m not saying you need GDS but a 4 team tournament isn’t going to attract many sponsors or fans. You have to have those extra games. I feel bad for page losing, but page also let coach kent’s son go to hpca to reclass. Maybe if you guys kept him the outcome would have been different? It’s all about kids going to private schools because our area teams shy away from competition for the most part. Which is why Greensboro has been raided by all the private schools. Yes GDS can reclass kids and I could agree with your complaint if it was a public school tournament only but it’s not. Look at how they run the Frank Spencer tournament, you don’t see the fans from other winston salem schools complaining about FCD and WS-Prep being in the tournament. This is why Greensboro is getting soft in a lot of sports. Just play the guys in front of you and don’t even worry about whether they are public or private. Good Conversation

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