Friday Night Rim Burners

Special to……


1. Whitney Parks: Eastern Guilford: 24 pts: career high and Eastern has now won 6
out of last 7 games
Paris Kea: Page: 24 pts: Area’s best player scores season high in win over
Southern Alamance
Briana Grier: 21pts: High Point Central
*****Shaylen Burnett: Southern Alamance: 33pts.*****
*****Hollie Boggs: Southern Alamance: 26pts*****
2. Sydney Wilson: Northern Guilford: 20 pts: career high in blow out win against
Western Alamance 75-25
Brittany Clency: Western Guilford: 20 pts: passes career 1500 pt mark in loss
against Dudley
3. Hadara Bannister: Highpoint Christian: 19 pts: in win against Southlake
Imani Watkins: Andrews: 19 pts: Andrews is now 9-6 and headed North
4. Lakayla Rouse: Dudley: 18 pts: season high in big win against Western Guilford
5. Natalie Harper: Northwest Guilford: 17 pts: Springhill signee must continue this
production for NWG to be successful
October Campbell: Andrews: 17 pts: another piece to a very interesting part of
the puzzle
6. Imani Atkinson: Wesleyan: 15 pts: just think of what could have been at Page with
Kea and company this year
7. Gabby Boyd: Northern Guilford: 14 pts: season best in a game to work on some things
Hailey Riffle: High Point Christian: 14 pts: no one is going to give this shooter
any “Riff”
Bekah Page: Caldwell Academy: 14 pts: no one beka to differ
Tevyn Jones: 14pts: High Point Central
8. Kayla Johsnon: Page: 13 pts: second option did well in win
Moriah Davis: Dudley: 13 pts: had big game in win against Western Guilford
Keniece Purvis: Westchester: 13 pts: scoring and not winning is no fun
9. Santia Davis: Andrews: 12 pts: help to formulate a nice trio
10. Hannah Pegram: Page: 11 pts: her scoring made the difference in the win against
Southern Alamance
Victoria McGee: Northwest Guilford: 11 pts: if she does that from this point
forward NWG will finish strong
Amanda Coffer: Northern Guilford: 11 pts: scored near season average of 12 ppg
Malli Williamson: Smith: 11 pts: Smith needed every one of them
Chelsey Coleman: Page: 11 pts: solid job as she manned the middle
Peyton Kadlecek: Caldwell Academy: 11 pts: good game
Roxanne Henshall: Grimsley: 11 pts: the only bright spot
Sarah Cox: 11pts: High Point Central


1. Sam Hunt: Dudley: 42 pts: falling in line with all the other greats that have
come through the best program
2. Patrick Kobani: Caldwell Academy: 28 pts: we salute you!
3. Kemmon Ingram: New Garden: 26 pts: one of the best scoring outputs lately in the
area in several games
4. Kanayo Obi Rapu Jr: New Garden: 25 pts: I wonder if the senior had game too?
5.Jackson Kent: Highpoint Christian: 22 pts: stock is rising
Jordan Hanner: Southwest Guilford: 22 pts: It wasn’t HANNER TIME in loss to Glenn
80-76, but still a stong effort
6. Nolan Morganstern: New Garden: 21 pts: good game
7. Adrian Wimbush: Smith: 20 pts: best game of season in loss to Grimsley
Rayshaun Mayfield: Grimsley: 20 pts: torched Smith in win
Matthew Uchedike: Caldwell: 20 pts: good game


  1. Top Scorer for Lady Bison:

    Briana Grier 21pts, 7stls, 6asst.

    Tevyn Jones 14pts

    Sarah Cox 11pts, 8stls, 5asst.

    Carolina Gibson 10pts

  2. Shaylen Burnett-Southern Alamance (33pts.) Hollie Boggs-Southern Alamance (26pts) vs. Page at Page.

  3. Ms. Burnett…no disrespect that’s wonderful for Shay and Hollie but as you see the site reports for Guilford County not Alamance.

  4. That would be Mr. Burnett…..and okay that is now understood, but seeing as how we are in a 7 team conference and we are the only out of (guilford) county team, it seems like performances like those would be relevant to this topic. In Alamance county, we acknowledge great performances in our respective conferences regardless of county lines. Since this is and you seem intent on keeping only “in-house” performances listed, please accept my sincere apology if you were offended by my post. Play ball!

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