High School Basketball Flagrant Fouls – Viral Video

From the Video Description: “Connell basketball players acting like they’re on the football field. The referees allowed these fouls to occur the entire game. Not a single technical, intentional/flagrant foul was ever called. The W.I.A.A. needs to take a closer look at this before a player suffers a serious injury. Each foul is replayed (in order) at different speeds multiple times for closer review.”

This video uploaded to YouTube has been seen by over 5 Million People.


  1. What are they waiting on, blood. The refs should be fired as well as the coach. #34 should be suspended for the rest of the season because he seemed to smirk everytime he fouled someone. What is this coach teaching? This makes no sense at all.

  2. They most have gone to ref school with the same refs that were at the sw/glenn game the other night. They were horrible.

  3. I doubt if I could have keep from attacking the opposing coach or even going after the players if I was a parent in the crowd. I would hope that my coach would have the sense to pull the team off the floor or I would at least have the guts to pull my kid off the floor. Even the NBA back in the 60’s and 70’s did not stand for this type of rough play. Clearly some level of personal issues were being dealt with on the floor with these kids that the video is not or cannot address. The coach and AD from the defending team should be fired immediately and those players should be suspended from high school play of any kind “forgive”.

  4. While a few of these plays aren’t flagrant, the majority are flat out disgraceful. #34 was obviously out to hurt someone and its a shame the opposing coach didn’t pull his team off the floor. Plenty of blame to go around but the officials have to set the tone, this looks like Big East basketball on steroids.

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