Grand Opening of the BRAND NEW Southeast Guilford Gymnasuim TONIGHT:WG vs. SEG and WG AD Jim Clontz will be honored for his time as SEG girls basketball coach

GRAND OPENING of the Brand New Southeast Guilford Gymnasuim TONIGHT…Jim Clontz to be honored for his years as the SEG girls basketball coach

Southeast Guilford basketball fans and all Falcon Sports fans need to take SPECIAL NOTICE of the events coming to the SEG campus TONIGHT…..This will be a very special evening in the lives of the Falcons fans, cause it is not very often that you get to open up a BRAND NEW GYMNASIUM, but that is what will happen TONIGHT at Southeast Guilford High School…..

SEG will be opening their new gym this evening. There will be a special recognition of former SEG Falcon girls basketball coach and current Western Guilford athletic director Jim Clontz and a jersey retiring ceremony will be held for former Lady Falcon standout #20 – Lori Phillips. Food and drink will be available before
the girls game. Southeast Guilford is looking to fill the gym for this important occasion so join all of us there this afternoon at around 5:30 for the walk-through of the new gym and then the game with Western Guilford will get under way at around 6:30pm……The special recognitions of Coach Clontz and Lori Phillips will take place at halftime of the girls game…..Be there on Tuesday night for this very important and special occasion……*****Lori Phillips Allen and Kim Johnson Furlough(current girls basketball coach at Northern Guilford), formed a dyanmic duo inside the lane and around the basket, for Coach Jim Clontz at SEG, back in the 1980’s…*****

Western Guilford vs. Southeast Guilford TONIGHT, with the Grand Opening of the BRAND NEW Southeast Guilford Gymnasium……… Girls game will tip-off at around 6:30pm…….


  1. Great for SEG that they are getting to open a new gym tonight! My complaint is with GCS. They have no clue what they are doing when it comes to facilities. You get a brand new gym at SEG, SWG, NEG, etc. When a gym is built at SG it is an auxillary gym that can barely hold one PE class. New middle school at SG has no athletic facilities at all to speak of. No track, sorry construction and layout for athletic filelds at the middle school. Not the case at other new middle schools. Sick of seeing money not spent equally. Someone needs to bring this to the attention of the powers that be. Help out Andy!!

  2. They did the same thing at Western Guilford…..The built a small auxillary gym when in the grand scheme of things, they needed a new main gym or at least a total makeover…..I think Ragsdale is up next for the next new gym openings……WG and SG came into the loop at the same time as they moved up from Sumner and Guilford High Schools….NWG, SEG, NEG and Ragsdale also came into being at about the same time too and I guess that is why they all got new gyms in a certain sequence….The only reason that I can think of to why SWG got the new gym so soon, I think they came into exsistance at around 1978-1979, is that they had a huge growth spurt when they moved all of those High Point Andrews students to SWG…..

    SG and WG got burned on the most recent moves and they probably won’t see new gyms in the next 10-15 unless some important Guilford County Commissioner moves into their district…..Not sure if there is any direct result, but both basketball programs at WG and SG have been struggling overall in recent years…….Mo Green and his staff know legalities, but do they know realities?????

    NWG, NEG and SEG needed those new gyms, but we have to look at the overall photo of the entire system at the same time and see what the other needs are too…..With the addition of each new gym the prototype gets better, cause if you look closely, they all look the same to a certain degree and the same can be said for the old NWG, NEG, SEG and Ragsdale gyms….The building plans look similar and let’s hope we’ll see similar results at other schools that need more gymnaisum space….

    Looking forward to seeing the new SEG gym tonight…….

    *****I will keep on tackling and talking about these issues here and I hope that will help….I don’t have all the answers, but I can tell you, I do travel the circuit and see what is going on out there at the schools and in their gyms…..*****

  3. The SE area got some new factilities by fighting for it after being neglected for many, many years. Remember the old Alamance Elementary School…what a rundown eyesore! As you said no need to hate on SE for fighting for what they needed but get to work on your school board representation and county commissioner if you want to move up the priority list. It makes sense to build while the economy is sour and construction cost are relatively low but one day soon the spiget will be shut off again.

  4. They did a good overall job on the gym restoration at Dudley, but I have heard it is more expensive to restore than it is to build from scratch…..Seems like it is tough to maintain the upkeep on the re-stored products, as opposed to keeping up a new facility….People tend to take better overall care of a brand new facility…..

    Very good point about building while the costs are down to some degree and to do it before the economy takes an upswing and the costs go way up….Start now and finish now if you can make it happen……

  5. The present administration has no clue on facilities or anything else for that matter. That is my opinion I bet you Mo Green nor Lee Hebbard are out at Southeast tonite for the opening of the gym. If you citizens would think about it, that is the reason we lose a lot of students and athletes to the private school sector. This whole county needs new blood from the top down and get our schools and govts back on track. If we band together we could put our schools back in the hands of the people. Why WG has not been granted a new main gym is beyond me. Their gym is over 40 years old and I think Ragsdale is in the same situation. We need people like Betty Smith, who was on the old Guilford County School Board. She got things done.and fought for the kids. Andy probb=ably remembers her. Her husband is Johnny Smith. I went to Northeast and they finally got a gym. I say before we build other schools lets get the ones we have now up to snuff.

  6. There are plenty of woods beside the SEG field if you don’t like the port-a-let. Also Buck Bain’s is just a few miles down the road if you don’t like the table service.

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