Check out all the photos from Southeast Guilford’s Brand New Gymnasium with Coach Jim Clontz, Lori Phillips, SEG Falcons, WG Hornets and many others

Big day yesterday with the opening of the Brand New Southeast Guilford High School Gymnasium and former coach Jim Clontz was there, so was former SEG girls basketball star Lori Phillips, current coach Shawn Newton, assistant coach Dave Beasley the SEG team from 2012 and their opponents, the Western Guilford Hornets….We have around 71 photos of the new gym and the festivities from Tuesday and you can check them out here…..Photos in sets of three pictures and you can click through the entire set…..


  1. Let’s hear a few comments about this new gym at SEG…..Looks good and do the Falcon fans like their new digs and what do others have to say about the layout/setup at SEG???

    Falcons got the split last night with the boys win and the girls loss……New bathrooms at the baseball field next on the SEG Falcons agenda? Dino Hackett could make it happen, you would think, at least from a construction standpoint………The money may be another issue, but if you built and painted the bathrooms to look like a McDonald’s Drive-Thru with color scheme and motiff etc., I bet Southeast-grad and local McDonalds owner Johnny Tart would step up and help out with some of the funding……New McDonalds coming to Mount Hope Church Road this spring from JT Enterprises and you could call the new restrooms at the SEG baseball field the ‘Johnny Houses’ if Johnny Tart stepped up and threw in the big financial pitch……

    Just some out loud thinking and feel free to use my ideas if it helps the team/school…….Build and paint those SEG bathrooms to look like a the red and yellow arches from Johnny Tart’s McDonalds………

  2. Andy, why change the topic to baseball and bathrooms. Last night was for Coach Clontz and Lori Phillips. Great way to acknowledge both individuals for their accomplishments. Lori’ s in particular was way overdue. Baseball will get their days on this site. Thanks for coming down last night.

  3. It was great to be there and we do need to totally address the good things that were happening last night, but we also have to keep up the multitasking and toss out the multi-topics…..”Let’s continue the forward thinking”, as Robert Ayers once told a group of young kids gathered on the lawn at the Pleasant Garden Elementary School….I wasn’t there that day, but that is how it was told to me by Coach Bill Slayton…..I just wish that Coach Slayton and maybe Howard Coble could have joined us at SEG last night….Former player and assistant football coach Scott Loosemore was there and so was Coach Callahan and others from the Falcons’ Past……Not to mention the ones that you did, in Lori Phillips and Coach Jim Clontz……Good job by all……

  4. Great new Gym!! Congrats to all the falcons !! Coach Newton and Coach Beasley are having another great year with th lady falcons !! By the way Coach Nwewton thank you for serving your country in Iraq. The powers that be should have invited Coach Slayton and Coach Coble along with Coach Doak. But the real disapointment is why we failed to invite Dino Hackett, Mike McClain and Kyle Foust contractors who have donated time effort and materials for free every time a project is needed. There are a lot of Sponsors and folks like Johnny Tart , Gary Trull, and David Gilliland that should have been on the invite list. To those that were over looked let me say I appreciate all you have done. Thanks and it is a good thing that these sponsors and contractors do it for the kids not for recognition. Thank you to Albert Freeman, Perry Hunt,and DH Griffin. I am sure that I have forgot to include somebody because there are so many and it is easy to forget— Thanks Charlie Pannell

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