The Heat of the Battle Top Scorers

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1. Alexis Robinson: Northern Guilford: 24 pts: in close conference loss to
Burlington Williams 54-53. Career high!
Keniece Purvis: Westchester: 24 pts: nice scoring output.
2. Ronata Rogers: Greensboro Day: 22 pts: had a double- double
3. Karima Jackson: Eastern Guilford: 21 pts: having a really great senior year!
Peyton Kadlecek: Caldwell: 21 pts: just keeps riding along
Roxanne Henshall: Grimsley: 21 pts: keep working hard!
Autumn Carter: Rockingham: 21 pts: Elon signee no longer front runner for
Conference Player of Year!
4. Hailey Chandler: Siouthern Guilford: 20 pts: had a good game in win!
5. Imani Atkinson: Wesleyan: 19 pts: numbers with wins always look better!
6. Caroline Spurr: Greensboro Day: 18 pts: almost had a “SPURRFECT NIGHT”!
Meghan Ingram: Westchester: 18 pts: solid night!
Hailey Riffe: Highpoint Christian: 18 pts: no “RIFF” here!
7. Natalie Harper: Northwest Guuilford:17 pts: game was over before halftime in rout
8. Briana Grier: High Point Central: 16 pts: good game in win against Glenn!
Jade Keen: Rockingham: 16 pts: had break out game against Mcmichael!
Lakayla Rouse: Dudley:16 pts: jumped back into race for candidate for player of
the year with win against Page!
9.. Katie Rice: Westchester: 15 pts: had good game!
Kayla Johnson: Page:15 pts: her overall play help Page stay in the game against
conference leader Dudley!
10.. Moriah Davis: Dudley: 14 pts: her outside shooting buried Page! 4 three pointers!
Kenya Hailey: Southeast Guilford: 14 pts: gotta win big games to be conference
player of the year!
Zena Lovette: Southwest Guilford: 14 pts: best overall guard in city leads
Cowgirls to victory!
Moengaroa Subritzky: Thomasville Prep: 14 pts: help team to 18-1 record


1. M. Dortsch: Greensboro Home Educators: 31 pts: he went to school on his
opponents tonight!
2. Kanayo Obi Rapu Jr: New Garden: 28 pts: from bnow on we will just call you junior!
3. Sadeeq Bello: Westchester: 24 pts: Duece must have given lil bro a call!
Johnson: SEG: 24 pts: big win against Western Guilford!
4. Keeman Ingram: New Garden: 23 pts: has been the most hottest player in county
over the last 5 games!
5. Cory Hanes: High Point Central: 22 pts: Way to go! We have HANES for you!
Creg Reed: Western Guilford: 22 pts: in losing cause!
6. Nolan Morgenstein: New Garden: 20 pts: exciting team to watch!
Reed Lucas: Greensboro Day School: 20 pts: in win by Bengals over Charlotte Christian…