Greensboro Day School at New Garden Friends School boys basketball

Greensboro Day School 75
New Garden Friends School 63

1st Q:GDS 22, NGFS 17….Halftime:37, NGFS 34…..3rd Q:GDS 58, NGFS 46……

GDS scoring….Jalen Ross 16 points….Reed Lucas 13….Reggie Dillard 11…John Terry 9….Quayshad Williams 8….Jake White 8…Christian Hairston 7…Julian Sampah 3 pts….

NGFS scoring….Kanayo Obi-Rapu Jr. 27 points….Cameron Williams 12….Nolan Morganstern 11….Keemon Ingram 7….Adam Coble 4….Kingsley Nzekwe 2 pts…..

*****This game was part of the opening of the new New Garden Friends School gym.*****


  1. We showed the effects of games on succesive days. We are 30 points better than NGFS but they played hard. Is Coble nursing an injury? Is he a reclassifiedsenior? Nice gym!!!!

  2. Just a silly statement that GDS is 30 better. They are a better team but NGFS suffered from their leader Keemon Ingram being in foul trouble. He played about half the game.

    Congratulations to Coach Johnson for a wonderful weekend.

  3. I agree with dale. I wouldn’t say 30 pts better but I would say 25. NGFS is like the new ORMA. Getting all the hype and haven’t done anything to earn it.

  4. exactly 30 pts better easy and i hate gds…go look at NGFS on max preps and look at some of the teams they have gotten beat too…overhyped,unimpressive

  5. That is ridiculous honestly NGFS was playing hard and some of the best basketball of the whole season last night and hearing all this is really ingorant on your part. 30 points better? so why did they beat them by only 12? and even without one of there most talented players senior guard Keemon Ingram other people stepped up last nght. ”sophmore guard Kanayo Obi-Rapu Jr. and Juinor Guard Cameron Williams” but great game overall, But hype is for something that isnt real. This is all real. these guys can play with anybody and thats a true statment. I also have not ever even heard of NGFS until 3 days ago. But im sure everyone in greensboro and high point know who these guys are.

  6. New Garden Friends School is on their way up, they just have to be patient….It will come for them and with Obi-Rapu Jr. only a sophomore ,they have a strong building block for their future in him…Straight-away, that kid can knock it down and as the coach used to say, somebody better get on him, he’s deadly from the outside…..NGFS might not be an ORMA of the future, but they may be a future GDS, you never know….NGFS, good school and a nice location with that new gym and I’d like to have that floor, I’m sure anyone in their right mind would…..Very nice hardwood…..GDS is on their way and good luck to NGFS, but again, be patient….

  7. It isn’t unusual for casual fans to make their judgements simply by checking final scores. Obviously the final scores determine the won/loss record, but they don’t always tell the story of the game. NGFS has played most of its season with just seven kids available to play. They have lost a few games by only two or three points to teams that can play 10 kids with little change in talent level. If you really watch them you will find that they play very tough and fundamentally sound defense….and they have kids who don’t give up.

  8. 1- everyone knows not to listen to dale. 2 – it doesn’t matter if you are 15pts better or 30pts better than a team you are just better. 3 – it was very classy of gds to open up the gym for new garden the day after a big rivalry game. It reminds me of when UNC did it earlier this year for Asheville the Sunday after the friday carrier classic game.

  9. The bottom line is that New Garden is a wonderful place for young people. The school has been around for a long time and is just now taking athletics seriously. They have a great group of adults who are role models and are helping them to put their program together the right way. They will most certainly not be ORMA. But within a year or two they will become a real force.

    This team is really strong on team defense and it keeps them in games with anyone. Obi-Rapu, Ingram and Morgenstern are players who can all score. The thing about the game last night is that Ingram played half the game or less and he is their senior leader.

  10. I do agree… it was definitely a very classy move by GDS. They have a great team.

    Also, it is great to see New Garden taking athletics seriously.

  11. NGFS will only become legit when they can get kids straight from middle school instead of other school’s leftovers. I know of 2 kids on there team that have been to at least 3 different schools and 2 kids have been to 2 schools. I don’t know the rest of the kids. When they can get kids early on and develop them they will have a chance. If they don’t get kids into that college level then their athletics will slowly deteriorate. Good luck to all involved at NGFS.

  12. You may think your comments are correct but you are wrong about NGFS. This is a new program at this level so of course youngsters must initially come from elsewhere. I imagine this will continue for a year or so. And, I have heard they are working hard on the lower grades. Whether you choose to believe it or not, this school is moving forward and they are doing it the right way. The guys involved have a sucessful history of working with young people and the school does things the right way.

  13. I didn’t say they were doing it the wrong way. Just saying its highly unlikely for them to be a major success due to all the other private schools in the area. Also what kid is gonna choose ngfs over dudley, page, SW or NW. Not many. They have 1 kid from NW right now (coble) who plays well on the aau circuit but he can’t get you 10 pts and 10 rebs consistently. Morganstern has moved from school to school to try and get playing time. Please tell me who is going to choose ngfs over gds as long as freddy is there? My opinion is that ngfs can’t get enough players to compete against other private schools. They could hold their own against public schools but to play hpca, gds, and wesleyan night in and night out isn’t in the near future. You talk about GDS only beating them by 12 and you acknowledge the fouls on Ingram but you think playing back to back nights doesn’t matter. Let’s see you guys go win at wesleyan and then come to gds the next day. It’ll be worse than 12 points. Like I said earlier I wish ngfs well, and the rest is just MY opinion

  14. Think about this regarding NGFS….It doesn’t happen overnight. There is a building process, and they are early into the process. I think if you will watch and see how it plays out you may be surprised….They have generated a lot of interest. I somehow think also, that they will be quite satisfied if everyone underestimates them for the time being.

  15. Within two years New Garden will be a model, along with GDS, of how to build a school the right way. They will be strong academically, and athletically. Their basketball program is going to explode over time. They are a wonderful place for young people to learn and to grow. Seems to me they have been the best kept secret in this area for a long time and are now visible. I come back to the adults involved. There are any number of them and they work hard on behalf of the kids. It is not a suprprise that they are attracting so much attention.

    It is not a contest between schools. There are plenty of good schools in this area. Just saying that this place is going to grow and grow.

  16. Ingram and Obi-Rapu would have been starters at Westchester this year. They most certainly did not move for playing time. Morganstern would have been a starter there as well or would have been a multiple year starter at Grimsley so he did not move for time. These kids are moving because of the school. This is not a basketball issue. You just do not seem to want to understand this. And, within 1-2 years this program will be ready for anyone. Not saying they will win this or that. Just saying that they will be competitive with anyone. Actually, they already are.

  17. There is all this negative comments towards NGFS but no one is saying how the did something that 17 different other schools could do, come within 20. GDS is a very good school with very talents baskteball players that you will see on the next level and an excellent basketball coach, but no one is giving credit to the fact that NGF is on there way up. Without there leading scorer, and with there 6’8 big man (coble) for the first half and there backup in early foul trouble (Nzekwe) kept up with GDS the whole game then the pulled away with 2min left. werent they down by 3 at halftime and tied the game up in the 4th, why is everyone not paying that any mind. i was very impressed by the way NGFS played against one of the best teams in the state and weather they played the night before or not i would honestly say that if there were to play again that the game would be even closer. thats my opinion. i do agree that they have had alot of transfers. Ingram (Westchester) Obi-Rapu (Westchester) Morganstern (Grimsley) Williams (Ragsdale) Coble (Northwest) but “leftovers” is not the word. But something i will say is that NGFS is building fast. They will be even better next year. Just watch.. but downing these guys shouldnt even be done cause the played very hard and came up short. i think you would have to watch the game in order to really see what these guys a NGFS is about! my opinion.

  18. I didn’t mean leftovers in a negative light but it sounds like most of you are saying once they are able to recruit well they will be good. Isn’t that what we don’t want to teach our young men? How about go to a school, stick it out, if you don’t get playing time then work harder on your game instead of searching for another school. Also, the reason they can stay within 20 is because they recruit and the public schools don’t. Example, West Stokes with their best player beat WS Prep by 13 or 15, without him they lost to GDS by 30. Private schools have multiple players to fill in when they recruit, public schools very rarely have that much talent. The reason people aren’t saying that NGFS is on the way up is because they haven’t beaten anyone and you go to Winston Salem and people wouldn’t have a clue what NGFS is. You have to be known in your area before you get kids to play for you. I agree the 2 kids from Westchester would have been starters but there’s no guarantee that they will stay at NGFS is a better offer comes along. Coble graduates and Morganstern wouldn’t start at Westchester, Wesleyan or GDS this year. He just hasn’t improved like his brother did. Finally, being competitive with teams doesn’t get you anywhere, you have to start beating those teams.

  19. Coach, you are just plain ill advised. You are wrong in your knowledge of events and in your thoughts.

    If you think any of the youngsters at New Garden are going anywhere then you think their decisions are all about basketball. No one is going anywhere, most certainly not the ones you mentioned.

    Morganstern is a far better player than was his brother and would most defoinately have started at Westchester or Grimsley.

    Coble has not played in a month before the other night and is not a starter.

    They have a good school that attracts families and kids, athletes or otherwise. Watch them both academically and athletically in the next few years.

  20. Westchester is horrible this year the bench players for ngfs would start at that joke of a school

  21. NGFS is going to be one of the best teams in the state next year. Bet on it! That young man Obi-Rapu is playing like the best sophmore in the area.

  22. Honestly,

    That young man Jake White is going to be something. If your reading this Jake, think of Bill.

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