UNC Coach Roy Williams explains the ‘Walk-out’ from FSU game in Tallahassee

Not sure you have had a chance to read this in detail yet, but I found this to be a very interesting read and you might too, when you CLICK HERE….

From the ‘Above the Rim Blog’, at the Charlotte Observer and this is the transcript from UNC coach Roy Williams and he trys to explain everything in detail, in regards to what happened when he had his team walk off the court, with 14.2 seconds left in the game with the Seminoles and Tar Heels down in Tallahassee, this past Saturday afternoon…..Well at least most of his team left the court early, and we will let the coach explain the rest and you can read it for yourself, when you click above and believe me and I know you do, “it will be worth your time to read this”……

One more interesting note from Andrew Carter at the Above the Rim Blog”

Here’s what Tyler Zeller had to say about walking off the court:

“That was the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done in my life. Because it was to the point that I never thought I’d leave a game early because we’d lost by that much and they were going to storm the floor. It was something that I hope to never experience again.”

Read more from Andrew Carter when you CLICK HERE….


  1. I hope Leonard Hamilton will get tire of Ol’ Roy throwing him under the bus and tell us his side of the conversation. First, it was reported that it was Hamilton’s idea. Then Roy said he thought Hamilton agreed to end the game with time left on the clock. What next? Do you really think Hamilton would deny his team a chance to play to the horn, and enjoy the handshake line?

  2. I thought the score of the game was the most embarrassing moment in my 40 years of watching UNC basketball until I heard about Roy walking off the court with his team and leaving five walk ons to face the entire arena. I have never been ashamed to be a UNC basketball fan until that moment. Roy is an ego maniac and needs to get back in touch with reality. Kudos to Tyler for telling it like it is. Dagummit!

  3. Maybe it was true back when Roy was at Kansas when he said “Right now I could give a $H1+ about North Carolina”.

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