Guilford Orthopaedic HS Basketball Polls for 1/20/12

Guilford Orthopaedic HS Basketball Polls for 1/20/12 The Guilford Orthopaedic Polls…..

Boys Public School Poll:
2)Northern Guilford(11-4)
3)Northeast Guilford(10-5)
4)Southwest Guilford(12-6)
5)High Point Andrews(11-5)
6)Southeast Guilford(10-6)
7)TIE:Smith(9-8)/Northwest Guilford(9-8)
10)Eastern Guilford(8-7)

Girls Public School Poll
3)Southeast Guilford(14-3)
4)Southwest Guilford(14-4)
5)Northern Guilford(12-4)
6)Western Guilford(12-5)
7)High Point Andrews(11-6)
9)Northwest Guilford(8-8)
10)High Point Central(9-9)

Boys Private School Poll
1)High Point Christian(20-0)
2)Greensboro Day School(21-1)
4)New Garden Friends School(14-9)
5)Bishop McGuinness(11-7)

Girls Private School Poll
1)Thomasville Prep(21-1)
2)Greensboro Day School(17-5)
3)Bishop McGuinness(14-3)
4)High Point Christian Academy(12-3)
5)TIE:Calvary Baptist(10-6)/Forsyth Country Day(9-7)

BOYS Combined Poll:
1)High Point Christian(20-0)
2)Greensboro Day School(21-1)
5)Northeast Guilford(10-5)
7)Southwest Guilford(12-6)
8)High Point Andrews(11-5)
9)Southeast Guilford(10-6)

GIRLS Combined Poll:
1)Thomasville Prep(21-1)
4)Greensboro Day School(17-5)
5)TIE:Southeast Guilford(14-3)/Bishop McGuinness(14-3)
7)Southwest Guilford(14-4)
8)Northern Guilford(12-4)
9)Western Guilford(12-5)


  1. @Western you might want to stop telling teams your coming because everytime you do , your team gets beat. Calm down

  2. @Smithville if you think Smith girls are going to beat the Dudley girls………CHILD PLEASE

  3. We got Dudley on Tuesday and we are looking forward to this match up. Shay and company are chopping at the bits! Second time around! You know the song!

  4. This could be a very interesting night in the Metro…If the Smith girls beat Dudley and Western Guilford topped Page again, then you have a real dog-fight on your hands…..Not sure who Southern Alamance is playing this evening, but it has to be non-conference with PAGE-WG, SMITH-DUDLEY and SEG-GRIMSLEY….

    This has to be a real big game for both ends of the doubleheader with Dudley at Smith….If you are a Smith or Dudley senior, this could be your last game ever against your arch-rival/biggest rival…..If you lose this one, you can never get over it and if you win it, you will never forget that night….Same for the coaches in many ways……You want so bad to win one of these and there’s always that chance that you won’t see each other in the conference tournament…Same for the boys…If you are a Dudley senior, you feel like you have to get a win, in what could be your last meeting ever with Smith…..It is almost like a Duke-UNC meeting….You have to win this game, and if you are Smith, to sweep the Dudley boys in the regular season???? That would be wild…..

    Looking forward to all these games and the standings could really change at the top and if they don’t, we are still in for a roller coaster finish no matter what….

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