I’m just sayin’, “Lefty is Right”

from the article in the Saturday morning News and Record…..

“What’s in a name? Plenty at the Maryland’s arena”….

They named the basketballl court at the Comcast Center the ‘Gary Williams Court’ and former Maryland Terrapin men’s baketball coach Charles ‘Lefty’ Driesell isn’t too happy about it and I agree with Lefty…..Read up on the front page of your Saturday morning N&R sports section and you’ll see more/get more…..One key sticking for me and Lefty is, that in Gary Williams last 15 years as the Maryland Terrapin head coach, only 21.4 of his players graduated….While Lefty was there, his players graduated at a rate approaching 80%….

More on Lefty vs. Gary…..
On the topic of the day, I still side with Lefty Driesell over anything Gary Williams is saying or doing…Let’s be honest here, I never did like Gary Williams and I always thought Charles ‘Lefty’ Driesell was entertaining…Good coach and teacher too…Won 100 or more games at 4 different schools/colleges and took four different teams,(Davidson, Maryland, James Madison and Georgia State), to the NCAA tournament….

The ‘Gary Williams Court’. Charles ‘Lefty’ Driesell says this court should not be be the ‘Gary Williams Court’….Wonder what Debbie Yow would say about that? More times than not, Lefty didn’t have a leg to stand on and that was especially true after he kicked that chair, but this time, I think Lefty is right….A good topic for the weekend, “Lefty is Right”….

*****Oh, BTW, Gary Williams’ team did win the 2002 NCAA Championship while he was at Maryland, but a 21.4% graduation rate, that stinks….*****


  1. Just s bit of “food for thought”, Lefty coached # Cole Fieldhouse and Williams coached at Comcast. I wonder if Lefty supports the program the way Gary does—-Gary is family–played, graduated, and coached there. Just saying….

  2. Lefty put Maryland basketball on the map. Gary Williams put them back there after the program had fallen on hard times….Not sure if Gary is a true ‘Maryland Man’, but he sure is a Gary Williams man….If we were having an ACC Basketball Reunion, Lefty would be one of the first people I would call to attend(living that is) and Gary Williams would not be very high on my list….I would love to get Debbie Yow’s thoughts on this topic…..Chuck Driesell’s too for that matter……And Tom McMillen, Len Elmore, John Lucas, Mo Howard, Jap Trimble, Owen Brown(is he still living), Keith Gatlin and others for that matter…..John Lucas, Mo Howard, Tom McMillen, Len Elmore and who was the fifth guy on that 1974 team that was so good…I know we are leaving out a key name…..1974 team with Lefty, much better than 2002 with Gary Williams…..Very good topic for debate….

  3. Did Brad Davis of Dallas Mavericks fame play for Lefty? I think he did and if so when? Does anyone know for sure? I think it was after the John Lucas/Tom McMillian/Len Elmore time frame…..

  4. Tom Roy is another name that comes into the 1974-1975 mix and I found out that Brad Davis was there at around 1977….

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