High School Hoops Tonight GDS(26-2) tops WES, HPC with McRae past Glenn, Sam Hunt with 29 for Dudley over WG, plus many more scores

Greensboro Day beat Wesleyan

Quayshad Williams with 16 points led the GDS Bengals….Jalen Ross had 12….John Terry added 7pts. and Reggie Dillard hit for 6…..JaQuel Richmond was the man for WES with 23 points…..

High Point Central 81
Glenn 78
Three-pointer at the end gets the wina…One of the biggest shots in High Point basketball history as Will McRae hits the game-winner…..

1st   2nd   3rd   4th   Final
Western  9      15   10     8     42
Dudley   12    12    12     18    54

Mosley 14 pts 9 rebounds
Reed 6 pts
Woodard 2 pts
Lewis 11 pts
Marks 4 pts
Freeman 2 pts
Speller 1 point 7 rebounds
Edwards 2 pts

Hunt 29 pts
Phillip 2 pts
Shol 3 pts
Workman 6 points 8 rebounds
Alston 10 pts
Hamlet 2 pts
Weathers 3 pts

Northwest Guilford 93
WS Parkland 57

High Point Christian 69
Calvary Baptist 38

East Forsyth 74
Southwest Guilford 59

Caldwell 66
Westchester 51

Northeast Guilford 63
North Forsyth 50

Greensboro Day School 78
Wesleyan 25


Dudley 60
Western Guilford 45

High Point Central 53
Glenn 48

Page 55
Southern Alamance 40

Caldwell 45
Westchester 39


  1. Once again GDS won against Wesleyan primarily because GDS has a deeper team. Wesleyan has 6 primary players and maybe 1 or 2 extra bench players. GDS has 9 players that can fit into whatever is needed without missing a beat. Wesleyan was tired at the end of the 1st half and it showed at the end of the game. Wesleyan would likely win a game such as this if they would slow the game a little in the 2nd, end of 3rd and beginning of the 4th quarter. Their kids are just too tired at the end of the halves to beat GDS. In the states, Wesleyan needs to consider slowing the pace periodically so they can finish the game stronger. In a close game or a tied game, I would give Wesleyan the edge due to their individual 1on1 play makers. The state playoffs are going to be outstanding this year for both the girls and boys in Raleigh this year.

  2. What a great game!! One heck of an atmosphere at Dillard. Two good teams played their butts off. Thought once again GDS was able to execute on a more consistent basis. Other than some turnovers that led to easy buckets early, GDS locked up Wesleyan on the defensive end for most of the game. I think Wesleyan hit them for 25-30 pts in the fourth quarter. Most coming very early and very late in the game. GDS missed 3 of 4 FT’s late that could have put the game away. Wesleyan made two 3’s in the last 10 7 seconds to make it a 2 point game. I agree with the first post. It is going to be one terrific state tourney. Congrats to the Bengals!!

  3. Was that NEG score from the girls? We are going girls for now…..Any boys news on NEG–NF?

  4. 2 good wins for Caldwell tonight. Both girls/guys avenged close loses @ Westchester earlier in the year. Girls shot very well in the first half and got the margin to around 15. Westchester closed it to 4, but the Eagle girls hit their free throws to pull it out.

    Guys played another very good game. Matthew U was about unstoppable (except for the refs) and must have had a double-double. Josh Hatchel and Daniel Branon combined to play very good defense on Josh Burton of Westchester (who took an inadventent elbow to the eye and had to leave the game; hopefully he is okay). Corey Ganim came off the bench to score a few points and grab a handful of rebounds. Emeka came in for maybe 5 minutes, so his leg injury appears to be healing. Feel like the Eagle men are peaking for next week’s conference tourney @ Burlington Christian and hopefully state tournament after that.

  5. Amazing atmosphere at the GDS – Wesleyan game. Congratulations to GDS for winning and congrats to all the kids who participated.

  6. I am tired of hearing people say Wesleyan has no bench. 12, 15, 22 are all good players off the bench. 22 came in tonight and drained a big three. And no that was not Michael Buckland the 8th grader he is 23.

  7. Very competitive game tonight up at GDS on Lawndale Drive….The ‘Big Three’ for WES are tough, but GDS has more balance…..Lots of athleticism on that court from both sides….WES-GDS or WES-HPCA or GDS-HPCA would make for a great NCISAA 3-A Title Game….

  8. To Trojan: You basically made my point when you said 12, 15, and 22 are all good players off the bench. You correct in your statement but understand my point. GDS does not have any drop from player 1 thru 9 but Wesleyan has major drop offs from player 6-8 either on defense or offense. The players for GDS coming off the bench will play the same level of defense from 6-9 and they may even give GDS a new look offensively that 1 of the starters could not produce. The quality of the GDS depth is what beat Wesleyan tonight and back in January (period). Wesleyan must have their starters and especially their “big 3” producing each game to win the big games but GDS can sit several of their starters and not lose a beat because that bench player has something different to offer.

  9. @ Get Real…. You make all valid points. It is hard to not have any drop off when you have Montay Brandon, Theo, and Richmond being subbed out.

  10. Right off the top of my head I would have Rogers, Wilkerson, Conner and Thorpe on All-Conference and probably in that order based on what I have seen…

    I would go with Rogers as POY based on what I have been studying and it would not be a mis-placed or bad move at all to go with Rogers and Wilkerson as Co-Players of the Year…..Thorpe has been a super freshman and I love the way that Conner plays that defense and her work ethic and workman-like/wokwoman-like approach….

    I haven’t seen it all, but has anybody else in the conference even been close to GDS this year? Like I say, if not go with four Bengals on All-Conference….I wish they would have listened to Stan and kept Bishop in the conference…..Sort of just kidding, but I would like to see some games with Bishop and GDS girls and the boys too for that matter…….GDS has had a great year and they should get even better down the road…..

  11. Not sure how many players can make the “All Conference” team for offense and/or defense but the only considerations should be any of the first 6 girls from GDS, the point guard from HP Christian, and Imani from Wesleyan. What either order you want to put those 8 girls and that is it? Player of the year will be Miss Rogers from GDS. Defense player of the year will start its consideration with Miss Candor (aka “T”) from GDS. If all teams play at the top of their game during the states, then GDS should be playing Providence Day in the state championship game. Anything less than the state championship game would be a huge disappointment for both the girls and boys at GDS this year.

  12. The PACIS Boys All-Conference team is even more fun to try and select….

    Jalen Ross-GDS
    Diante Baldwin-HPCA
    JaQuel RIchmond-WES
    Theo Pinson-WES
    Reggie Dillard-GDS
    Jackson Kent-HPCA
    Montay Brandon-WES
    Reed Lucas-GDS
    Chuck Ogbodo-HPCA
    Michael Obacha-HPCA

    *****You will have to pick first team five from those 10 and second team will be the next five…..Any thoughts and we have left someone off, maybe from FCDS or Calvary or others?****** Or do you stick and pick or pop and pick from this 10?????

  13. Anybody know when Obacha will play again for HPCA? i know he played through an ankle injury fpr their “big” games but apparently they shut him down competely. Will he be back for GDS/Wesleyan or are they saving him for the playoffs? He was really hurtimg in the Wesleyan game, and they aren’t the same team when he isn’t healthy.

  14. It will definitely be interesting to see all-conference for the boys and especially GDS. They have six guys you could make an argument for. I guess we will see who the other coaches see as the best players on their team. What about Christian Hairston? Quayshad Willliams? Jonathan Terry? Montrel Goldston? I will be curious to see how that vote turns out. And who gets POY? All are interesting convos. But most importantly who wins the HPCA-GDS game? I think the winner locks up a 1 or 2 seed in the state tourney. And do the Wesleyan fans still feel confident about a state title run. Looking more and more like a quarterfinal matchup with Ravenscroft. What a game for a quarterfinal. I think this is the deepest and most competitive the 3A Privates have been in a long time. I am feeling good about my Bengals!!!

  15. Obacha’s issue is not injury from what I was told at the game last night. Evidently he has some visa issues and may be deported.

  16. That is absolutely not true. Kid has been hurt for weeks. He has played some games and sat others until HPCA decided to sit him until the playoffs because he wasnt healing. You sir, have issues to put that out there about a hs kid

  17. Girls All-Conference 1st Team:
    Ronata Rogers (GDS)
    Khadejah Wilkerson (GDS)
    Tenesha Conner (GDS)
    Tamera Thorpe (GDS)
    Hadara Bannister (HPCA)

    Player of the Year:
    Ronata Rogers (GDS)

    Boys All-Conference 1st Team:
    Jalen Ross-GDS
    Diante Baldwin-HPCA
    JaQuel RIchmond-WES
    Jackson Kent-HPCA
    Montay Brandon-WES

    Player of the Year:
    Diante Baldwin

    The girls top 5 will not change but the boys top 5 will depend on how these teams finish their remaining 4 games in conference and especially within the big 3 (WES, GDS & HPCA).

  18. @ Dale Fulton…… Obacha has absolutely NO visa issues. He has a injury that simply needed rest so he can be completely ready for the playoffs and GDS/WES. You DO NOT need to post FALSE information about a player.

  19. @ baller. No one has listened to Dale all year. Just ignore him like everyone else.

    Good win for GDS – congratulations.

  20. I dont want to take anything from the Thorpe girl, but Carolina Spur has contributed more in conference play. Thorpe has been in a slump and she shut down both on the court and off. It is an injustice to put her on first team over Spur. Andy look at the stats they speak for themselves!

  21. Wow – “ballin” sounds like a parent or close relative to Miss Spur. They stated “I dont want to take anything from the Thorpe girl” but they turned around and later said “Thorpe has been in a slump and she shut down both on the court and off”. That sounds very personal and very inappropriate about a player off the court. This is why parents should not speak about their own kids on this site other than to say “great game”. I don’t have a dog in the fight and I could care less who is on the all conference or whether the GDS girls win another game or not but I will say this.

    I agree with Andy and “Tough” when it comes to their main players for 1st team. If you look at 1st team in terms in terms of their position, there is no way that you could choice Caroline Spur (GDS) over Hadara Bannister (HPCA) for the point guard spot. Miss Bannister is by far the best PG in this conference and should receive some MVP votes. When you look at the shooting guards or small forward spots there is not another player even similar to Miss Thorpe in this conference. There are few if any that can match her speed, offense or defensive ability. I remember when we (per my daughters friend) played GDS that Miss Thorpe was one of the few players that was directly game planned. We did not game plan for the GDS PG. I saw the GDS/WES, GDS/Thomasville Prep, and another game with GDS and Thorpe had probably 15 pt each game that I attended. If that is a slump, then I would hate to play her when she is balling. Either way the Spur (GDS) supporters are crazy if they think she is a better PG than Bannister (HPCA) which is what the all conference team is about.

    Parents should be careful of the “crap” that they throw out about their own children while throwing other kids under the bus. It may be your kid that actually gets the negative attention versus the kid that was called out. I think we will see who is the best PG in this conference when GDS has the rematch with HPCA on Friday.

  22. All teams still have 4 conference games remaining (plus the playoffs) and have only played 4 conference games so far. I think “Ballin” is over rating the ability of the GDS PG. GDS has the best 2 bigs in the entire triad. Most of the stats created by the PG are because of the bigs producing. If the GDS PG had to create her own offense and break down a real defense, she would have a diffucult experience. I have seen all of these girls play AAU and trust me it is obvious who can play and who has a lot of work do. The college scouts and coaches know who the players are for GDS and all other teams. I agree with the posting above when it comes to parents on this site over rating their kids playing ability by throwing rocks at another kid is shameful. The parents or supporters of the GDS PG should look themselves in the mirror and be honest. Putting negative information on a site such as this about another player (a kid not a college player) is below proper behavior. GDS supporters should be above this standard. I did not mention any names in this posting but you know the parties. Supporters should make sure their player can back up what they throw out. I would love to see the GDS PG play directly against the HPCA PG or any other good PG in this city from teams such as Western, Page, or Dudley.

  23. What’s the criteria for being all-conference? There are some great players on some not so great teams. Do we discount them because they do not have a supporting cast? We always talk about kids transferring and stacking teams….what’s to be said about players boys and girls that are on not on the best teams. Just ignore them? Forgive me but GDS is great but there are other players from Calvary and Wesleyan that have better numbers than some of the girls listed above for GDS.

    Help me to understand?

  24. First of all I am neither a parent of the Spur kid or a hater of Thorpe. I just follow the stats and observe the players. If I am correct Thorpe is no way close to averagiing 15ppg in conference play. Andy said it right when he said she played well Friday, the first time in quite a while! Look back at the stats het ladt outstanding game was just before Thanksgiving. I must say the kid (Thorpe) has a great future in the game. But when you look at the past 4 conference games Spur has performed consistently throughout. I am sorry if I have offended anyone but this what I have seen. GDS has a great group of girls who all play their role, but I think Spur has been more consistent.

  25. What about POY and COY for the boys? I think it may come down to the winner of the game Friday night for Coach of the Year. POY is really a toss up. I have only seen WCA three times and Richmond was their best player all three times. HPCA has had a different best player every time I have seen them and even though I think Ross is the most valuable for GDS not sure he is their best player. Ought to be interesting.

  26. I just had a great idea…let’s take all players and add up their pts and get that average…then add up their rebounds, assist or steals and get those avgs. Then we will take the top players that have the most pts and rebounds, assist or steals. I think that’s fair. Then all players who produced will have a fair chance.

    What do y’all think?

  27. Adding up stat’s can lie. A player on a bad team may have great stat’s because they are playing similar bad competition each night. A player on a good team may not have “great” stat’s because they may be playing good competition and/or having to share the stage with other “good/great” players each night. The true measure of a player is not when they are playing cupcakes and building up their stat line but when they are playing teams that can match them play for play on the court. Ask how did your player play against the best teams on your schedule. Were their stat’s similar or go up ? Or did their stat’s drop like a rock? Who would you put the ball in the hands of when the seconds are ticking off the clock against true competition ? GDS is fortunate to have so many good players on both their boys and girls teams. The GDS fans should be more concerned with whether they can win the state’s. The boys have the most diffucult schedule in front of them within conference and nearly every game that they will face in state’s. The girls don’t have any competition in conference and Providence Day is the only real competition they have faced in 3A play.

  28. Sorry to cause such a commotion! I thought about freedom of speech when I posted? I formally withdraw my comments from this subject. Andy please delete any comments under the name “ballin”. Thanks! Girls play ball and disregard the ignorance of the grown ups! Good luck Ms Spur and Ms Thorpe on the remainder of the season!

  29. The best thing to be doing now is be on the mark for the last week and a-half of regular season and the hit the post season full stride and we can add in all the post-season honors in the post season after the tournaments are done….

    I think the COY for the boys should go to the coach who’s team last the longest and goes furtherest in the playoffs and Coach Carty has to get it for GDS girls and we must be ready to at least agree that Rogers is the top rebounder in the league for the girls and Conner the top defensive player….Am I out of line here?

  30. I think you should really compare stats between Atkinson and Rogers….Imani had10+ rebounds at least 90% of games.

  31. Not sure of the per game numbers, but I know Rogers had a lot of rebounds and she had 23 in one game during this season…..Overall numbers for Rogers have been strong, but again, not privy to the exact totals….

  32. @ rebounding…….Regardless if Imani had 50 rebounds in a game, every game….she gets no credit on this site and hasn’t all year. She can have the same stats that a GDS player would have against the same team and the GDS player would get a bunch of commentary of how great they played but Imani would barely get her name on the list.

    Go back through the post at the scoring leaders and see what comentary is beside Imani’s name when she has great point production. Hardly ever anything positve.

  33. The final few games of the season will determine who is all conference and POY. There are clearly 5-10 names to consider for both the boys and girls. Everybody should just take all of their names and closely watch their candidates over the last couple of games. Count the points, rebounds, assist, steals, turnovers and all of the intangibles. The clear player of the year will stand up and the clear conference 1st and 2nd team will be clear. Fortunately the POY and all conference teams are not determined by parents, supporters, fans or the alike. Good Luck to all of the potential all conference players and honorable mentions.

  34. Matter of fact, the girl was playing with a possible concussion Friday night from a hard fall she had Wednesday and still scored 13 points…but no Honorable mention…but playing through injury with a hapless team says a lot to me

  35. Have been hearing a lot this year about Imani Watkins, but not as much as in the past about Imani Atkinson…..It seems to have been a pretty rough year for the WES girls, something like (5-10) and that will hurt the player honors opportunities at the end of the year…..Just the way it usually works out….So many times and most times rightfully so, to the winner goes the spoils….

  36. Some kids do not get the attention that they probably deserve not only because of their team record but because of the school that they are located. Hadara Bannister (HPCA) also has not received much attention even though her stat’s would show that she could be a possible POY within the conference but most people outside of High Point Christian may not know much about the year that she has had. This site has a heavy bias toward the Greensboro schools from the fans even though Andy does a good job of reporting the information that is given to him. GDS is like the Duke of our area. Whether GDS does good or bad, someone will call them out or praise their effort. You either love or hate a place like GDS. The same is true with Dudley and Page in basketball. During football season it is true with Dudley, Page, and Northern. Success will create this problem. This is the first year that anybody has ever considered the GDS girls as good and they are getting their fair share of lovers and haters. Players like Miss Atkinson and Bannister are off the radar because WES does not have any other high level players beyond Imani and HPCA’s only has Hadara. Both of these players more than deserve to be on the first team or at least second team all conference. GDS has 8 or 9 girls that would start on nearly every other 3A team in the state much less the conference. The same is true with the GDS boys. Sometimes the pieces just fall into place. It will be interesting to see if GDS can keep players at this level coming to GDS.

  37. I think so much of the publicity levels have to do with winning….The GDS girls were getting very little pub at all until they started winning this season like they have been doing, now with a 20-win season……If Megan Buckland would have stayed at WES back in the day instead of going to Bishop that would have been interesting for WES….Her youner brother Michael I think it is, is at WES now and he plays for the Trojans and at times gets key minutes and he is only in the 8th grade…..Will be interesting to watch his development….

    You look at the UNCG men…..Very little pub at all until they changes coaches and starting winning games….When they went on that 7-game winning streak, they really started getting noticed……

    It still goes back to the winning….

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