Media Summary on NWG boys over East Forsyth tonight


1st		2nd		3rd		4th 
EAST FORSYTH	 16		14		12		18

Cody Hylton 15; Hunter Clary 14; Keaton Haack 13; Matt Pawlowski 12; Nick Powell 8; Ryan Doerr 8; Drew Coble 2; Hampton Billips 2

EAST FORSYTH 15-8; 7-4
D. Cone 19; Craig Hinton 11; P.J. Jones 10; L. Curry 8; C. Harris 6; T. Cook 3; D. Wood 6

-Northwest used another complete team effort to outlast the visiting Eagles from East Forsyth for a 74-60 win to assure the Vikings of at least a share of the Piedmont Triad 4-A Conference title. Both the Vikings and the Eagles came out strong in the 1st quarter as they put on an entertaining show for the home crowd. Hot shooting by both teams contributed to a 19-16 edge for Northwest at the end of the frame. The Vikings were able to make their free throws and protect the basketball down the stretch to seal the game.
-Cody Hylton led the Northwest effort with 15 points. Hunter Clary contributed 14 points for the Vikings.
-Two Vikings finished with double-doubles: Keaton Haack (13 points and 11 rebounds) Matt Pawlowski (12 points and 10 assists).
-D. Cone led East Forsyth with 19 points. C. Hinton and P.J. Jones scored 11 and 10 points respectively for the Eagles.


  1. Congratulation to the NW Vikings…Conference Champions 2012! We are proud of you and the effort you continue to bring to the court each game. It is fun to watch you play as a team! Good luck with the remainder of your season!

  2. I haven’t heard from the folks who wanted to run the coach off after the Little Four. He obviously knows what he is doing. Congrats to Coach Reavis and the players!

  3. The NW coach may have been the right person for the job and congrats to him and NW. However there are some other coaches in the county that should consider stepping down. This is not the best format to call this coach out but you know who you are. It is not right to show blind loyality and favor one player more than all of your other players. Players should earn their starting spot – not have it given to them. It is especially bad when you are good friends with this players dad. You have had other players parents come to you and clearly explain what you are doing with absolute proof but you have simply responsed with “it is not happening” or “it does not exist” or “you are finding what you want to see”. You have refused to look at or consider the evidence. You know there is a problem but yet you will not consider the fact that it may be true. You know the team is divided but you will only address one side of the division. Players and parents are not stupid.

    People often wonder why so many kids either leave a program or never get into the program. Coaches such as you is why so many kids and parents will exit or never come to your school/program. Your team is good today but it will be near dead within a year or two. Parents and kids do talk to other parents and kids. Your rep will bring your program to its knee. Look around the county today and you will see 3 or 4 programs that are suffering the same faith today because they kept “bad” coaches in place too long or the program did not support. I would suggest that you fix what you can with the remaining couple of weeks left in the regular season and whatever your team gets in the playoffs. You may look like the hero today (from the outside world) but you and your program will quickly look like the goat within the next year. Just simply treat players fair and give them what they earn.

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