ACC Men’s Basketball with Maryland over Clemson Tuesday(squeaker) and Tonight DUKE at UNC:Why watch any place else, but WFMY TV 2??

Maryland 64
Clemson 62

Duke @ North Carolina
Chapel Hill, N.C.
9:00 PM
TV: ESPN*/ACC Network*/ESPN3…..Also 94.5FM RUSH Radio….
*****And why would you EVER watch this game anywhere else other than WFMY TV2?? Unless they didn’t have it and tonight they have it…..This is the home of ACC Basketball in the Triad….It goes back all the way to the C.D. Chesley days….I heard Kenny Dennard talking to Dave Glenn(radio) about the C.D. Chesley days, just yesterday…..Those were the days and WFMY TV 2 helped carve out those memories with the ACC on Channel 2….We owe it to them to stick with them and watch this game this evening on TV 2, WFMY and not on ESPN…..I know all of you are with me now and tell me, why would you ever go over to ESPN, when you have WFMY and Steve Martin, Dan Bonner, Tim Brando, Mike Hogewood, and others calling the games for you….Jim Thacker and Billy Packer were calling Dan Bonner’s games, back when he was in college at the Unversity of Virginia, up in Charlottesville…..It is time to step up and step out and stay with WFMY TV 2 and the ACC….Greensboro is the home of the ACC and our hometown station is WFMY TV 2….Thacker and Packer were the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be and Tim Brandon and Dan Bonner will carry on that tradition tonight, with DUKE at UNC on WFMY TV 2….Who’s with me now, all of you that don’t have cable are with me and the rest of you, feel free to join in on this exercise/movement too, to stick with 2(WFMY TV 2)……How about you, are with you with 2 tonight??

*****Some of you might be saying that Greensboro is home of the ACC, but the ACC has a contract of some sorts with ESPN, but that’s hogwash and you know it….*****

Tonight’s the night on 2, at 9pm…..

Also tonight from

Florida State @ Boston College
Chestnut Hill, Mass.
7:00 PM

Wake Forest @ Virginia
Charlottesville, Va.
7:30 PM