I don’t think anyone could have predicted this:Duke-Carolina from last night an ‘Instant Classic’!

What a game last night!

This has to rank already as one of the “Instant Classics’….

You have to think that Austin Rivers(Duke) will go pro after this year and we all know that Harrison Barnes(UNC) is gone….

The late tip-in by Tyler Zeller gave Duke an easy two and then the shot by Rivers, well, the fans on all sides will be talking about that shot for many weeks to come….

Great game and the re-match in Durham ought to be just as intense….

The winner of this game was in doubt until the very end, although both teams grabbed nice leads during the course of the contest…..

On another note, that was a rough night for PJ Hairston(Dudley High School)….They had him up on the TV diagram where he ran around the screen, he missed most if not all of his shots and he got hit with the personal foul on a three-point shot by Duke…He did get a few nice rebounds, but all in all, not a good night at all for him…..James McAdoo, on the other hand, had an above average game for UNC…..

For Duke, I would say #1 Rivers, #2 Curry, #3 Kelly and then #4 and #5 the Plumlees in order of importance last night and then Thornton coming in there with his late three….Duke has an edge after last night’s victory in Chapel Hill and now we get to see how long they can make it hold up…

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