Top Five Valentine’s Day names in Sports

We did this exercise a couple of years ago and I heard them talking about the topic again today on radio, so here goes with a ‘Top Five’ Valentine’s Day names in sports and you ought to feel free to add your own ‘Top Five’….

#1 Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine(NWA/WWF)
#2 Pete Rose(MLB)
#3 Brett Hart(WWF/WWE)
#4 Bob Love(NBA)
#5 Candy Maldonado(MLB)
*****Deserve a mention…..Chocolate Myers(NASCAR) and Richmond Flowers Jr.(college football/NFL)*****


  1. Bobby Valentine -Redsox
    Kevin or Davis Love – T wolves /PGA
    White Chocolate -Tyler Lewis
    John David Booty or Josh Booty- brothers who were QB’s in NFL
    Justin Rose- Golfer

  2. Jalen Rose – MIchigan Fab Five & ESPN
    Stu Hart – Brett’s dad
    Derek Rose – Bulls/NBA
    Derrick Flowers – Georgia Tech post player of a few years back (I think)
    Darryl “Chocotate THunder” Dawkins – Philadelphia 76ers and one of the first men to shatter a backboard

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