Today would be a great day to catch a swim outside, but the GAC over off of West Lee will be the place to be for the next two or three months

I was running/hiking/walking past the Guilford College lake this past Sunday and was thinking how great it would be just to jump right in that lake, even though it was probably 30 degrees with a strong breeze blowing last Sunday afternoon…Sometimes you just want to do something, because you know you can’t do it, but today, not a bad day to jump in the lake and then get right back out and dry off as fast as you can…Guilford College campus lake is real good one and I remember back in the day we would hit it for a swim on a real hot summer day and you would have leeches on you when you got out and in that way, you were able to get your annual blood letting done at no extra charge……(Nice wooden pier to jump off of back in the Guilford days too, but LONG GONE now…)

You’ll be much better served to follow the swimming proceedings at our Greensboro Aquatics Center over on West Lee and High Point Roads at the Greensboro Coliseum Complex, with several major events due up in the next few weeks…..

GAC is the place to be….. (Over off of Lee and HP Road.)

882 Kids from ages 7-14 will be at GAC(Greensboro Aquatics Center) this weekend (Thursday – Sunday).

A similar number (or more) of 15-18 year-olds from 6 or 7 states will be in town for a BIG event in mid-March.


  1. Back in the early 70’s we used to swim in that lake. It had a dive platform out in the middle. We either went there or Lakewood pool behind Guilford Middle on Lindley road, with those famous hot dogs and frozen candy bars. Any other swimming holes anybody remember from days gone by. What about Ritters Lake?

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