Vernon Robinson going after the ‘Gas Guzzlers’ tomorrow and will be pumping gas for a Buck-Eighty a gallon($1.80) in Biscoe!

This is off the beaten sports path, but I saw it and I said to myself, that last time when Vernon Robinson ran for office he did some wild things during his campaigning and now he is at it again and this sure can get your attention in a hurry…..Do you know the way to San Jose? No, but BISCOE isn’t too far away…….
*****Speaking of sports, maybe a car race will break out here, in the quest to get to the pumps before they run out of fuel/gas.*****


Want gas for $1.80-a-gallon? Then head to the Montgomery County town of Biscoe tomorrow.

Republican Vernon Robinson, running for Congress in the 8th District, will be pumping 1,000 gallons at that price beginning at 11 a.m. at the E-ZEE gas station at 306 N. Main St.

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