NCHSAA Playoff Mathcups are in and some interesting possiblities for Round Two(BOYS)

NCHSAA HS Basketball Playoffs Round One (Monday night) Time will 7pm unless there is a boys/girls Doubleheader and then they should go at 6 and 7:30pm….
#10 WS Reagan at #7 Dudley
#15 Rocky River at #2 Page…..We could see Dudley at Page in Round Two
#12 Smith at #5 Davie County
#13 East Forsyth at #4 Northwest Guilford….We could see NWG vs. Smith in Round Two
#16 High Point Central at #1 Sun Valley
#11 Glenn at #6 Southwest Guilford
#12 Southeast Guilford at #5 Green Hope(20-4)

3-A Boys
#16 Southern Guilford at #1 Chapel Hill(26-0)
#14 Eastern Guilford at #3 Northern Guilford
#11 Cardinal Gibbons at #6 Northeast Guilford….We could see NEG at Northern in Round Two……

#11 East Bladen at #6 High Point Andrews

CLICK HERE to see all of the Brackets frm…..


  1. I don’t understand other than money why they play the Conference Tournaments if don’t change the place seeding of teams like Dudley for a higher seed, if they beat Page 2 out of 3…but Page is seeded higher.

  2. It is like everything was done(seedings/pairings) based what happened prior to the Conference Tournaments and the tournaments were for secondary seeding purposes only, wild card needs etc…..The NCHSAA web site pretty much spells it out that way…..Kind of crazy with the Tourney hype and all if the NCHSAA is not going to use the Tourneys to help determine the seedings/pairings….

  3. The conference tournaments don’t mean anything in the state tournament. If you look at the records used they are from before the conference tournament. In fact the Metro conference champs are the Page boys and Dudley girls. All the games this week don’t mean much other than it’s better to win. The question is, why wait until the Sat afternoon to make the call on seedings?

  4. The state used a complex formula for seeding teams that included winning percentages and where they finished in conference etc.. Even if they took into account conference tourney Dudley would still be seeded lower than page due to winning percentages. Why they wait until Saturday, I haven’t a clue.

  5. Turned better in the overall for teams like Page, Dudley, Southwest Guilford if they can go on a run, since they are opposite bracket from Charlotte Olympic(26-0), South Mecklenburg(20-4) and West Charlotte(19-5, last look)…….Olympic, South Meck and WC very tough foes…..

    We will add Southeast Guilford from the Metro boys as they are in the East opposite their Metro mates and SEG plays Green Hope in Round One…Southern Alamance girls from Metro also in the East 4-A…..

  6. How about private 3A schools???

    Likely to be HPCA, Christ School, GDS, Ravenscroft and Wesleyan. That would mean a potential Wesleyan-Ravenscroft, (who beat Christ School last weekend) rematch in quarterfinals (on Ravenscroft’s home court, I believe) and either a 3rd meeting between Wesleyan-HPCA, or, more likely HPCA will face Ravenscroft on their home floor in the semis and GDS would get a rematch with Christ School. Should make for 3 or 4 really good games. Looking for HPCA over Christ School in the finals, but tough to pick a winner here.

  7. Smith Golden Eagles get a #12 seed and they finished 3rd in the Metro, just behind Dudley and they beat Dudley twice during the regular season….And that gets you a #12, I guess it is what it is……Monday is President’s Day and you would think the team from over on Lincoln Street would win for sure, but they are hosting Reagan…..We may have some other cross-references here…..Kennedy Meeks plays for West Charlotte so they should win…..All of us may end up on Washington Street before the weekend is over, so they may cause us to miss some of Monday’s games….Washington Street home to our local incarceration facilities……Lauryn Jackson plays for the Dudley girls so they should win….Isn’t it Kayla Johnson for the Page girls??? Many a President’s name still out there I’m sure…..Here is another one and I love games like this when you can come up with the names without looking them up……Jalen Ford for High Point Andrews……Many a President’s name out there…..I just spotted this one so, I peaked a bit on this one and it is Anthony Harding for NWG boys….Didn’t we have a President Harding…..I will stop for now with this cause it could go on all night long….A good way to combine sports and history…..

  8. On the NCISAA games, GDS beat Ravenscroft but lost to Christ School right? HPCA beat Christ School but lost to WES and WES lost to Christ School, but Christ School lost to Ravenscroft right????? GDS beat WES twice and HPCA beat WES once and HPCA beat GDS twice, right????

    That makes for an interesting group….Let’s hope that HPCA gets the #1 seed, maybe Christ School #2, GDS #3 and Ravenscroft #4 like you were saying ant that WES at #5 beats the Ravens and then HPCA gets WES and GDS knocks off Christ School and then HPCA and GDS do meet for that TITLE…..They ought to bring it back and play it in Greensboro or High Point at HPU……GDS vs. HPCA…..Would the third time be the charm for GDS?????

    Tough to beat a team 3 times in the same year……Just ask Smith after the most recent Dudley game……

    Gonna be a busy week for NCISAA teams…..

  9. These brackets are designed to keep a strong basketball area like Greensboro and strong conferences from dominating the Regional lineup.
    Chapel Hill vs Webb
    Northeast Guilford vs Northern Guilford
    Dudley vs Page
    Southwest appears to have received a favorable seed.
    Northwest appears to have received a favorable seed

    Maybe not. North Fosyth has ended up a #2 seed in the Midwest.
    They could face Harding in the second round.

  10. Andy,

    Just noticed on the official 2/14 NCISAA #3A rankings, 1) HPCA, 2) Ravenscroft (on the basis of their win last Friday over Christ School, I guess), 3) Christ School 4) GDS and 5) Wesleyan. That would mean a potential semi-final match-up between GDS-HPCA and HPCA would have to beat them a 3rd time to get to the finals. But I guess GDS may have to beat Wesleyan a 3rd time to get to the semi-finals. And awaiting a Triad team in finals, I would think, would be Christ School, assuming they can avenge their recent loss to Ravenscroft (on their home floor, I believe).

    Regardless of seedings, and it will be an interesting seeding meeting today, it’s gonna be a lot of rematches, that’s for sure. You would think that will REALLY showcase coaching; who can make the right adjustments from previous games, learn from mistakes, etc. Would think one big wildcard would be Michael Obacha’s ankle injury. WIll be interesting.

    Pulling for HPCA and Coach Clifford. Regardless of what happens from here on out, he’s done a remarkable job with essentially 8 new players..

  11. Not trying to show any direct favoritism, but I would love to see that GDS-HPCA final work out some how, some way for the championship…..With Brandon down for WES, it will be tough for them to go all the way….

  12. Yep, #3A seeds are HPCA, Ravenscroft, Christ School, GDS and Wesleyan. As ‘Score’ said (elsewhere) will be some great match-ups.

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