Boys NCISAA State 3-A HS Basketball Tournament Seedings/Pairings with HPCA #1, Ravenscroft #2, Christ School #3, GDS #4 and WES #5

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BOYS 3A BRACKETS(Could see GDS vs. WES in Round Two and the GDS-WES winner vs. HPCA in Round Three.)

#1 High Point Christian Academy 28-1
#16 Village Christian Academy 25-6

#8 Hickory Grove 17-13
#9 Forsyth Country Day School 16-15

#5 Wesleyan Christian Academy 21-8
#12 Providence Day School 13-16

#4 Greensboror Day School 28-3
#13 Metrolina Christian Academy 20-9

#3 Christ School 30-4
#14 Covenant Day School 11-18

#6 Charlotte Christian School 23-7
#11 Charlotte Country Day School 11-15

#7 Charlotte Latin School 15-10
#10 Rabun Gap School 18-9

#2 Ravenscroft School 27-3
#15 North Raleigh Christian Academy 15-14

Tournament dates with the FINALS at Ravenscroft on FEB 25:

February 21

February 23

February 24

February 25(Finals)


  1. How is a team 26-5 rank # 16 and teams 13-16 and 11-18 are seeded higher than this? Is this seeding unfair to HPCA? Or is the difficulty of schedule playing into this?

  2. Interesting that all 4 PACIS teams are located on the same side of the bracket. If all 4 teams win they’re first game, we’re looking at a conference tournament.

  3. Don’t know how they did those pairings, but that is a bit weird with a (26-5) vs. a (28-1) in Round One.

  4. because private schools are ran by the Good Ole Boys. They get to set up their own tournament. HPCA is the new kid around and they get stuck with the team those guys didn’t want to play.

  5. I believe Village Christian is the team that Caldwell beat in the first round of the #2A playoffs last year, so not sure HPCA will have that much difficulty. They don’t appear to have played a very difficult schedule this year (not sure they evern beat anyone in the #3A tournament), although they did take Wesleyan to overtime. There may not be 15 teams better than them, but I assure you there will clearly be 1 much better than them tomorrow night on Rotary Drive – the HPCA Cougars.

    If someone may have a reason to complain, it might be GDS, who will have to beat Wesleyan a 3rd time, try to beat HPCA for the first time, and then likely find Christ School waiting for them in the finals. Bottom line is no one will have it easy and to win the #3A state tournament, someone is going to have to beat 2 or 3 VERY good teams.

  6. The GDS girls got ripped with their first round game. They are playing a team that is 24-4 even though GDS is the #2 seed. The 5th, 6th and 7th seeded teams are playing teams with 9-12 losses. If GDS wins that game, then they will likely play the hometown team in Ravenscroft and then rematches with 2 of the top teams in the state. The GDS girls have the hardest road to the championship but they can do it if they work as a team. The GDS guards will have to play better to win the states. Who will step up ?

  7. I dont know how the seedings are selected, but this has to be the biggest scam in high school basketball. How can you expect kids to stay straight when committees do things this way!

  8. I agree with the seeding is a scam.

    GDS boys beats Ravenscroft and beats a common opponent Greenfield by 21 who Ravenscroft lost to this year. Ravenscroft doesn’t even play in a difficult conference and does not even play HP Christian. They only played Wesleyan and GDS. Ravenscroft gets a 2 seed – that is absurd! They are already hosting the states in their home gym.

    It looks like Ravenscroft and Christ School have the cupcake schedule beside’s each other and the PACIS will have their own conference tournament on one side of the bracket.

    GDS girls didn’t get a fair draw with Village Christian nor did HP Christian boys with Village Christian. I think HP Christian will roll up on Village regardless but I do wonder how an 11-18 team got the 14th seed. The seeding makes no sense.

  9. The positive to the seeding is we should see a PACIS team make it to the state championship which is exciting.

    Good luck to all the PACIS schools.

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