GDS-WES Boys at NCISAA Playoffs with Final from Raleigh:#4 GDS vs. #1 HPCA on Friday in the Semis

GDS 71
WES 62

After 3 Periods:
GDS 54
WES 39

3rd Quarter with 5:41 left….
GDS 41
WES 30

GDS 32
WES 29

End of the 1st Quarter:
Wesleyan 17
Greensboro Day 16


  1. 1- no one listens to Dale Fulton (everyone knows that)
    2- I wish I could have made the trip for both the HP Christian game and GDS – Wesleyan game.
    3- PACIS tournament on one side of the bracket and Ravens and Christ have a cake walk on the other.
    4- I hope Jackson Kent is healthy enough to play in the tournament because he has had a great year.
    5- I think it is hard to beat a team 3x. GDS coaches and players must have done a great job tonight.
    6- Happy to see the triad represent in the semifinals.

  2. It was a good win tonight by GDS even though GDS did not play at the top of their game. Wesleyan clearly was not at their best with the Florida State kid coming back at 60-70%. He clearly could not make the cuts and drives that you are use to him making. Pheo played big but they just did not have enough support. GDS will have to play better to beat HP Christain on Friday (with or without Kent).

  3. @Good Win They didn’t play well? They missed some shots early, but they were wide open shots. They got what they wanted all night. Williams dominated the paint. WCA had no answer for him at all. This was a old fashion butt whipping. The margin was 9 points but WCA made two 3’s in the last 20 seconds. I have seen many games this year and I think it was one of their best performances. WCA is a REALLY good team with REALLY good players. You can’t play poorly and beat a team that is that talented so convincingly.

    On a different note, I am really hoping HPCA will have services of Jackson Kent. They have had a great season and would be terrible for them not to have a full compliment of players for state tourney. That being said, after what I saw last night I like GDS chances to win the whole thing.

  4. Well Sam, I do not give a rat’s arse if anyone pays attention or not, ’cause I told you we were peaking at the right time—and I probably know more than any 4 of you other fools put together. So enjoy your weekend and watch for my prediction tomorrow.

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