Recruiting Vision and Elite Academic Opportunity with Chris Krause at NCSA


Chris Krause
NCSA Founder and Author of Athletes Wanted

We’ve all been reading about Division I and II schools putting the finishing touches
on their recruiting classes for next year. There are a few scattered opportunities
in some sports, but any athlete still waiting for that DI coach to call out of the
blue is in for a lot of disappointment.

The good news is that over 80% of college athletic opportunities fall outside
Division I. This week we’ve got some education for the many athletes who are still
looking for the right school and haven’t yet found it.

Athletes who want to make the jump to the college level have to have vision when it
comes to the recruiting process. At NCSA and you can also find out about the most elite academic institutions outside of Division I.

Before you start reaching out to schools in Division III and the NAIA, you may want
to learn about some of the differences in the way recruiting works in each. Click on for the basics of DIII and NAIA recruiting.

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Remember – have vision in recruiting, and in life!