Photo Gallery from today’s 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Greensboro Batting Center

The Celebration is going on today at the Greensboro Batting Center(GBC) in the Westgate Shopping on High Point Road and we stopped by earlier and grabbed a few photos and remember, the 25th Anniversary Celebration will continue until 6pm today, at the GBC….Food and refreshments are availale and 25 cent token prices are in play for today only….Check out the photos and be sure to stop by and enjoy the food and fun today and we have sort of made this a special Batting Center promotion this week and hence all the hype and the reminders and we hope you have taken full advantage of this opportunity and that you enjoy the photos….CLICK ON one and it will take you through the entire set of right at 30 photos……Enjoy and go have some fun today at the GBC…..25-Cent Tokens…..Not bad at all……

Greensboro Sports' 2012/02/26 Greensboro Batting Center 25th Anniversary photosetGreensboro Sports’ 2012/02/26 Greensboro Batting Center 25th Anniversary photoset

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  1. You just have to promote….You remember what Gene Hackman/Norman Dale said in Hooisers……GO, GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!!

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