Rain could have an effect on Burlington Williams-Page baseball game today and ‘Harry Cohen Night’ coming up when Williams meets Grimsley

Has been raining pretty good/steady in Burlington all morning and early afternoon and the groud was already wet, but for Burlington Williams, Alan Sharpe will be slated for the start either today or tomorrow if Page has Tuesday open and the game could be moved….Sharpe slated to get the call for the Bulldogs and Coach Jason Knapp informs us, that Sharpe is a ‘bulldog’, by baseball definition……

Burlington Williams will be having a “Harry Cohen Night” on Wednesday, March 14th when the Bulldogs meet the Grimsley Whirlies….. Nike has graciously donated jerseys for that night and Williams will all be wearing Harry’s number and name on the back of them….with his initials on the
front….Grimsley coach Jason Simmons(former Williams head baseball coach and Elon assistant) has been very helpful in putting all of this together, on the Whirlies’ end.

Harry Cohen, the young athlete who was the Burlington Williams star quarterback, that died this past fall from an accidental overdose of painkillers, played summer baseball at one time Grimsley’s big DJ Reader. Everyone involved is excited that Grimsley will be a part of this special night.