Graham Sporting Goods High School Baseball Tonight at GSPN

Ragsdale 5
Wheatmore 4

Brandon Walker knocks in the game-winning run….

Southwest Guilford 11
Southern Guilford 1

WP:Sean Geoghean
LP:Camden Ball

Southeast Guilford 8
Northern Guilford 4

SEG used five pitchers in Craig Jacobelli, Dallas Newton, Devon Sweet, Austin Bain and Will Greene to lock down the 8-4 victory….SEG(1-0)/NG(0-1)….Sean Mas took the loss for NG and I’m thinking that Jacobelli got the win for SEG….

Burlington Williams 9
Page 2

Final from Grimsley:
Eastern Guilford 12
Grimsley 11

EG Nptes…
Starter:Tyler Wolf…WP:Adam Doyle…Save:Tyler Hunt….
EG hitting:Solid hitting from Doyle, Hunt, John Robertson, Adam Gunn(HR) Double, Single, SAC….
Next game up for Eastern Guilford will be NEG at EG Friday night at 7pm….

For Grimsley key hits for Seth O’Fallon(HR), Ryan Stoneman two key hits and Garrison Stafford a key hit and two RBI’s…..

Send us more scores, we were at the basketball games….


  1. Ragsdale 5 Wheatmore 4
    Brandon Walker knocks in the winning run in the bottom of the 6th on an infield error. Ben Fisher scored after reaching on an error. Matt Horkey started and went 4 innings giving up 4 earned and got a no decision. Tim Ambrose went 2 innings and was credited with the win while Mitch Carstens closed the 7th. Key hits by Carstens, Morrison, and Pantuso with doubles and a single by Horkey.

  2. Grimsley lost 11-12 having left the tying run on third in the last inning. This was an exciting game that went down to the wire. Looking forward to the first conference game on Friday night.

  3. Probably heard that from parents who have kids that aren’t playing so doesn’t really mean much…just bitter or not fully aware of their kids true ability on the diamond. So sad…

  4. Coach Beasley in using all five pitchers in last nights game. That way no pitcher is over worked early in the season and he is building confidence in all his pitchers. All of the Southeast pitchers looked good last night. Northern has a fine team. Northern hittewrs never saw the same pitcher twice and it effected their timing.
    Using all the pitchers and letrting them build confidence will surely help Southeast in the future. Good job Coach Beasley !!
    Charlie Pannell

  5. The school that everyone needs to watch out for is mcmichael high school. They have a solid pitching staff and a solid defense. They have a scrappy hitting team and a new coach has stepped in and got the program running great

  6. Would like to inform Gfan, who I certainly hope is a mom, when reporting a score, the winning score always goes first, i.e. – 12-11, 5-4, whatever. Cant take you seriously when reporting that you lost 11-12

  7. Charlie, you are correct about SEG coaching. No one should be throwing kids deep in a game in February. It sounds like your coach is really preparing his staff for the playoffs while protecting the arms early in the season. Much more important to pitch deep in a game in May than in February.

  8. I’m siding with Gfan on this. I was brought up that if your team lost, then your score went first.

  9. Isn’t it kind of a given if you are a coach with at least half a brain that you would be using multiple pitchers in an early, nonconference game? I didn’t bother to say that but Grimsley and EG I think both used at least 3 pitchers.

    Way to go everyone! WOW!

  10. Come on hornet, u have been around forever, I challenge u to find one sports article on any sport that list the losing score first. If u ever talk to someone about sports and they say the losing score first, u can bet they know nothing about sports

  11. You are correct. However sports articles are from neutral sources. Gfan supports Grimsley so when he gives the score with the losing team first, anybody who knows anything about sports would know his team lost.

  12. Gotta love the banter on Greensboro Sports. Somehow it always transitions from the facts of the games and the successes of the kids to what adult knows more….amazing!

  13. Will Greene has been with Southeast for the long haul….He was the QB of their football team and has been around SEG Falcon land for a long tIme….

  14. The top 5 high school baseball teams in the county are as follows: Keep in mind, that this is one opinion.
    1. Southwest
    2. Northeast
    3. Northwest
    4. Southeast
    5. Western

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