No game Tonight with Grimsley at Southeast Guilford:’FOGGED OUT’ Photos and one coach said, “First time I’ve seen this in 35 years of coaching”

On the field at Southeast Guilford tonight you couldn’t see and the umpires called the game before it ever got started and it was hard to see driving in to the school on 421 South, but when you hit those big lights on the field and tried to see, it was almost impossible to get a get a good look at what was supposed to be going…..I saw the umpires in the parking before the game and said to them, ‘gonna be a rough one out there tonight” to which they replied, “If they play at all” and they did not at Southeast Guilford, on this ‘Foggy Friday’….

CLICK ON the photos below and you can see for yourself why this game was “Fogged Out” tonight….(Game will now be played on Monday afternoon at 5:30pm….)

Check out the FOG PHOTOS…..