Tyler Lewis from Oak Hill Warriors(44-0):”Looks like a Choirboy, but once the whistle blows he turns into the Devil”

North Carolina didn’t want him and N.C. State is glad to get him…..

Super/solid article from Tim Crothers at the Charlotte Observer, on Tyler Lewis with the Oak Hill Warriors, who finished (44-0) and ranked #1 in the nation this high school basketball season….

Oak Hill coach Steve Smith:
“Tyler doesn’t pass the eye test, but he passes the play test. If our players lined up for a pickup game, he’d be the last guy you picked, but I knew that if you wanted to win, he’d be the first guy you should pick.”

CLICK HERE to read all on Tyler Lewis from Tim Crothers at the Charlotte Observer…Excellent post/article….

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  1. Yes sir! We will be glad to have him! Even with the probability that C.J. Leslie will be gone, the Wolfpack is looking good for next year!!!!

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