Public School Areas Top Girls Playoff Basketball Scorers Over The Decade


(Note: In order to make this list a player must have participated in at least 8
playoff games which simply means that person’s team must have been at least 2 post
season gamesper year in four years just to minimize it. As long as 8 games or more
have been played in, then a person’s productivity will appear. This also denotes
that a particular student athlete’s school has demonstrated over a period of time to
reach the playoffs and advance on a consistent basis and that their coaches have
done a great job as well as themselves and their teammates. If by chance someone was
left off that falls under this criteria , please feel free to forward the
information. Thanks for forwarding the collective data so that it will remain for
public viewing and greater transparency as our athletes continue to do an
outstanding job.)


1. Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 270 pts: 11 games: 24.5 ppg: Playoff highs:
41, 38, 33,27, 25, 24,21 pts: Class of 2011
2. Megan Buckland: Bishop Mcguniess: 262 pts: 18 games: 14.5 ppg: Playoff highs:
28,26,26, 24, 21 pts: Class of 2011
3. Zena Lovett: Southwest Guilford: 231 pts: 14 games: 16.5 ppg: Playoff highs:
30,29,25, 24, 20 pts; Class of 2012
4. Natasha Huntley: Eastern Guilford: 158 pts: 9 games: 17.5 ppg: Playoff highs:
29,23, 19, 17 pts: Class of 2007
5. Jessica Pone: Southwest Guilford: 150 pts: 14 games: 10.7 ppg: Playoff highs:
21,20,16, 15, 14 pts: Class of 2012
6. Helen Terry: Dudley: 144 pts:14 games: 11 ppg: Playoff highs: 25, 22, 19, 17, 16
pts: Class of 2009
7. Breonna Patterson: Dudley: 130 pts: 14 games: 9.3 ppg: Playoff highs: 27, 23, 18,
17, 15 pts: Class of 2010

Most points in a post season game: Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 41 pts against
Western Harnett 2011
Most Points in a State Championship Game: Trumae Lucas: Grimsley: 33 pts against
Southview 2007
Most assists in a State playoff game: Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 10 against
Graham 2008
Most blocks in a State playoff game: Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 6 :
against Western Harnett 2011, NW Halifax 2008, Graham 2008: Cheyanne Parker:
Southwest Guilford: 6 against Butler 2010
Most Steals in a State playoff game: Zena Lovett:Southwest Guilford: 6 against West
Forsyth 2012: Miranda Jenkins: Eastern Guilford: 6 against Western Harnett 2011:
Natasha Huntley: 6 agianst Bunn 2007
Most Rebounds in a State playoff game: Lashonda Anderson: Eastern Guilford: 20
against Graham 2008: Desiree Drayton: Dudley: 18 against Forestview 2009.


  1. Great list! But I notice that the list only included 2 girls from SW! Where are the other outstanding players from HS basketball this year? Did we over-rate any in the preseason?

  2. This is really nice to see and it gives the future players something to strive for as they evaluate their game. Good job young ladies, you have set the standard.

  3. To “Ballin” Why would you ask a question “Did we over-rate any in the preseason?” This is a list of girl players with at least 8 playoff games. You must have at least 2 years of playoff experience basically making it to the championship game just to get to 8 games in 2 years or at least a deep run just to get to 8 games in 3 years. The girls on this list were fortunate enough to be playing with other high skilled players which allowed them deep runs each year in the playoffs. Thus, these numbers do not just reflex the player but are also a statement about that schools program and coaching. Northern has been winning but few deep runs over the past couple of years. Northwest did well last year but the prior year and this year no deep runs. GDS finally had a team worth watching but can they continue to get good players and win year in and year out. Eastern Guilford has a great coaching staff in place but they may have just had lightning in a jar for a few years. Schools like Dudley and Southwest have had a solid 4-6 year run with solid coaching staff’s in place. This list did not surprise me and it does not speak directly to any “potential” players with a lot of preseason hype. This is a career list not a single season highlight.

  4. Bball list- Did it strike a nerve with you? I simply asked a question to incite a dialogue. The real question- did some players get hype by middle school ball and are not performing on a high school level ad predicted in pre- season. If that is true on the high school level they will have a hard time on the college level! Congrats to the Southwest girls they are showing what it takes!

  5. To “Ballin” You are still proving my point – if a player just came out of middle school, they could not have made a list such as this article because the list was cut off at a mini of 8 games. Even if you made it to the state championship this year, you would not have played 8 games. Plus – who would compare middle school to high school and high school to college ? Just because someone does not stand out in their early years does not mean they will not the next year or later years. Micheal Jordan did not “make” his high school team in the 10th grade but yet he is known as the best basketball player of all time for the entire NBA. Chris Paul did not even start in high school until his junior year but yet is likely the most dominate point guard in the NBA today. Jeremy Lin could not get any high D1 programs in his own state to consider him so he went to Harvard. He got his chance in the NBA when the right team with the right system came along in New York. Whether a kid can score 20 pts a game or 10 pts a game, neither will give a solid prediction of their future college success. The same kid that may do well in Dudley’s run, gun and trap style may not fit the NW half court perimeter shooting style. Unfortunately in this county, kids have no choice. By the way – you did not strike a nerve with your comments but I hate to see stupid comments about high school players from jealous observers or player parents that just cannot wait to hear something bad about another player. Just because people don’t talk about your kid (or favorite player) in a positive light, don’t try to call out others to make your kid look better. Fortunately Andy strives to keep this site positive and highlight the good and potential in kids. Sitting around waiting for other kids to fail will only doom yours to hit a hard brick wall down the line. I want to wish all the players good luck in the future and look at any problems as a guide to the future. No kid should look at short term results as their long term value. Just consider the MJ’s, CP3’s and Jeremy Lin’s of the world not comments from the “ballin’s” of the world.

  6. Just in case you all did not notice, basketball season is over and everyone else has moved on to baseball, soccer or college basketball. This is a topic for the pre-season but not seasons end. Make your predictions in November and then let’s see who is living up to the hype. As it is said on wall street “past results do not guarantee future results”. We are losing a lot of good players from this area thru graduation so the young talent must be ready to step up next year. Hopefully we won’t lose a lot of players to the private schools this year.

  7. Basketball for the serious baller is almost year round Tina. Yes we are losing a lot of talented ballers,but as usual there are some talented youngsters just itching to step into their shoes. State championships this upcoming weekend and travel ball is just around the corner….it’ll be October before you know it! Ball is life!

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