Radio coverage(FULL) for 2012 ACC Basketball Tournament in Atlanta:ACCtion under way!

Catch it all locally on WFMY TV 2 and The has a special tourney site with all tournament coverage at…..Radio coverage below game listings….Bill Hass in on The…..

Maryland vs. Wake Forest
Atlanta, Ga. (ACC Tournament – First Round)
12:00 PM
TV: ACC Network/ESPNU (Sirius 85/XM 85)
101.1 FM

NC State vs. Boston College
Atlanta, Ga. (ACC Tournament – First Round)
2:00 PM
TV: ACC Network/ESPNU (Sirius 85/XM 85)

Clemson vs. Virginia Tech
Atlanta, Ga. (ACC Tournament – First Round)
7:00 PM
TV: ACC Network/ESPNU (Sirius 85/XM 85)
ESPN 730AM out of Charlotte….You can receive it in your car and might be able to get all of the pre-game and early first quarter before pre-Daylight Savings Time sundown….Also on-line with 730AM…

Miami vs. Georgia Tech
Atlanta, Ga. (ACC Tournament – First Round)
9:00 PM
TV: ACC Network/ESPNU (Sirius 85/XM 85)
680AM The Fan if you are in Atlanta……

Here is how it will run on Radio here locally….
Wake Forest is on 101.1 and 98.3FM…101.1 out of Burlington and 98.3 Galax, Virginia….

N.C. State is on 600AM WSJS….Also on WKXR Asheboro and on 99.9 The Fan in Raleigh….

Duke is on 98.3FM…A spanish speaking station out of Thomasville, N.C. and they do the games in English on there at game-time, with Bob Harris, John Roth, and John Rose….

North Carolina is on 94.5FM RUSH Radio…..Also on 106.1FM RUSH Radio out of Raleigh(WRDU)….There have been cries and calls all week long for North Carolina to pull it’s games off of all RUSH Radio, after the recent incidents involving Rush Limbaugh, calling the 30-year old college student(Sandra Fluke/Georgetown College in D.C.), a slut…No changes as of 11:45am on game-day….

There’s your BIG FOUR on the radio and other signals throughout the tourney include, 600AM WSJS carrying all of the games….1150AM WBAG out of Burlington to carry all of the games….1150 will use both UNC and Duke broadcast teams….94.5FM RUSH Radio will carry all of the games today and throughout the tournament….No RUSH Limbaugh today….WLXN 1140AM will carry some of the games…Tune in to find out which ones they are picking up…KOOL 1440AM and 99.9FM….

Also games on 620AM ‘The Buzz’ out of Durham, N.C. ‘The Buzz is going with Duke, North Carolina and ESPN Radio broadcast teams and this might be the most varied coverage of all….Bob Harris, Jones Angell and Dick Vitale, all on the same radio station, on the same day….Vitale probably won’t do the ESPN Radio, but if he is anywhere near the studios in Bristol you will be able to hear him BABY!…Maybe some Jay Bilas on the ESPN Radio coverage….

That is about it, I guess, for this year….WRAL Sports Fan will have full coverage with 620AM ‘The Buzz’ and 99.9 ‘The Fan’ and….Charlotte Observer at….

Always the News and Record at….Ed Hardin, Jeff Mills, David Morrison, Jason Wolf and Robyn Taylor…Plus the man at the top of the sports chair, Eddie Wooten….

WFMY NEWS 2 Sports has Brian Formica and Tanya Rivera down in Atlanta, with wall-to-wall coverage of the tournament and you can go to 24/7 as Leigh Brock tells us each and every weekend…..Brian Hall ought to be there too, on WFMY NEWS 2 at 2-4-6-8 and 10 and then 11pm….

You won’t get detailed coverage like this anywhere else for FREE, so take this and run fast with it…..

*****Every year, I plan to scale this coverage of the tourney back, but every year, I give you more and more and you are welcome….*****