High School Softball Tonight for our area teams

Southern Alamance at Southeast Guilford 6:30pm….Would say one of the biggest of the night with our #1 team SEG hosting Southern and the SA Patriots have the daughter of SEG Falcon football coach Fritz Hesenthaler on their team….This might just make for a real important meeting and many of the SEG athletic personel were at Southern Alamance at one time or another and if they weren’t at SA, they were headed that way and then turned around and came back….BIG baseball and softball games at SEG tonight with SA in the house…….
Grimsley at Page 6:30pm….Nice fields at Page now with the recent reconstruction….
Northwest Guilford at Southwest Guilford 7pm…NWG highly touted….
Smith at Western Guilford 6pm…WG is creating some smoke out there on Friendway Drive….
Eastern Guilford at Northern Guilford 6pm….NG program has good foundation with Dobbins…
High Point Andrews at High Point Central 6pm….Don’t know much about these two, but if Taylor Johnson is in town for Spring Break, she might be coaching HP Central tonight….


  1. Wonder if some of those Patriot basketball players will out there on the softball field at SEG tonight???

  2. Congratulations to SE Guilford on two great wins! @youmakemesick……I’m a little curious as to “what really makes you sick?” Oh I think got it….You have a mild case of “Patriotitus”…….It is usually contracted when you come to the realization that Southern Alamance is a force to be reckoned with and not an easy win anymore. I have pinpointed my diagnosis on the fact that you didn’t have any symptoms when we were about 0-20 last season,so my logic seems valid. But I do have some bad news…….Your prognosis is not that good………it looks like you might be afflicted with this ailment for at least two more years……so sorry….I would say “get well soon” but we both know you’ve got a ways to go! Play ball!

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